What is Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Overview:

Gokyo Lake Trek begins through flight from Kathmandu to the mountain airstrip at lukla.From Lukla on the same day commence the trek by walking 3 hours to the Phakding. And the next day continue our treks to Namche bazaar which is 5 to6 hours walking duration.After three walking from the Namche Bazaar through Maccharma Village reach to the Gokyo Lake. The main destination of this trek is to walk to the Gokyo Lake which is from the surface elevation 4700m to 5000m high above the sea level. When you reach at the Gokyo Lake you can make side trip to the Gokyo Ri also which is 5360m altitude from where offer you panoramic views of the Mountain Like Everest, Pumori, Nuptse. The whole trekking duration is 15 days to complete.


Where does everest Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Start:

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is Start after flying from Kathmandu To Lukla and on the same day continue trek ahead to Phakding which is 2610m elevation and It takes 3 hours to reach there. The first night of the trek is in the Tea House Of Phakding Village.

Is Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Dangerous :

Most People Though Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Is Dangerous Because they might have read people have dead in Everest Region during their submitting to Everest. But it is the Expedition. Trekking is different from the Expedition. So in my opinion even the normal People can do Everest Gokyo Lake Trek without any Problem.

Is Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Hard:

Yes Everest Gokyo Lake is Hard if they plan to do Gokyo Ri And Cho La Pass. Otherwise Everest Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is not that much hard if you are able to walk 5 to 6 hours per day. yes but it can be hard in winter season like in Jan-March because of snow Fail.

Is Everest Gokyo Lake Trek worth it:

Yes Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is worth it. the village is congestion between a wall of moraine and the lake. when the wind stop the mpountain are perfectly reflected in the surface of the lake. and other impressive thing is to do highest pass chola and gokyo ri. so in comparission to trek only Everest base camp if you mox Gokyo lake will be more better.

Is Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is Safe:

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is safe but it is depends on the way you are trekking. If you treks on right season rather than winter season, if you trek with guide rather than trekking without guide solo than there is no problem trekking to Everest Gokyo Lake Trek.

Is Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Easy:

Yes Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is easy to trek for the Person so have good stamina and can walk continue 6 to 7 hours per day. And who organize there trek hiring with the guide and porter. It is more easy to trek for them.

Can I Do Everest Gokyo Alone:

Yes you can do Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Alone also. But there is the different between doing alone and with the in the group with guide. When you trek alone you may be difficult arrange accommodation and also to get to knowledge of the culture and place. But if you trek with the guide in group you will be relief from the taking panic of organizing everything your trek will be more joyfull.

When to do Everest Gokyo Lake Trek:

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek we suggest to plan to do it on late autumn from Mid September to November is the best season to do it. But if you want more challenging than we will suggest to you to chooseFeb to April the weather will be cold challenging. This season is suitable for those who love to walk on snow.

How long Everest Gokyo Lake Trek:

You need to plan at least 15 days to complete the Everest Gokyo Lake Trek. But this time duration is only for trekking itinerary you have to put extra few days for flight cancellation during bad weather to flight to lukla and back to Kathmandu. also put some days for exploring into the Kathmandu valley.

How much does Everest Gokyo lake Trek cost:

Everest Goyo Lake Trek cost depending on your service level facilities. Normally you have to plan 60$ per day for your guide charge, accommodation, and three times foods. The flight from Kathmandu to lukla will cost 175$ one way. And your Everest national park fees will be 55$ government royalty.

What to wear Everest Gokyo lake Trek:

When you strat trek to Everest Gokyo lake Trek from lukla to Meccharm0 it is fine to wear normal wind and water proof jacket and trousher or paint by wearing inside fleech jacket but after reaching to Gokyo lake, Gokyo Ri, Chola Pass than it is necessary to wear thick down Jacket with inside warm cloth, Thick water and wind proof trouser, Wollen hat, gloves, neck cover maflar, warm wollen sucks that is very important to wear.

What shoes for Everes Gokyo Lake Trek:

There is the special trekking shoes you can buy in the market but make sure the shoes must be good quality and hard shoes sole.