How difficult is the Kanchenjunga Circuit trek?

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is a challenging trek in Nepal. It begins with a flight to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu and then drives to Ilam (1677m) and we will drive to Taplejung which is located at an elevation of 1820 m. Taplejung is the beginning point of Manaslu Circuit Trek and the highest point we get to is 5,388m which is Kanchenjungha Base Camp. This trek is taken as a strenuous adventure into the core Himalayas since we are trekking above 5000m high and the trekking trail is located in the remote part of Nepal where the right accommodation and food may not be available as we anticipate. Similarly, the weather also challenges the trekkers with some kind of awkwardness. So, sometimes, it is very difficult to protect yourself from weather extremes as it is not a facilitated area. Without boosting up one’s stamina and physical fitness by doing short trekking or hiking, it seems almost impossible to do Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. Proper preparation and acclimatization are also must.

What is the best time to do this trek?

Actually, there is not only one best time of the year to do the Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek but there are two and they are Autumn and Spring. These weathers of the year will solely support you with magnificent changes in the atmosphere so that you can have a wonderful time throughout the trek.

What will be the maximum altitude of this trek?

Kanchenjungha Circuit Trek formally commences from Taplejung(1820 m). To get to Taplenjung, we take a domestic flight to Bhadrapur and then drive to Ilam (1677 m). Again, we take another drive and finally get to Taplejung and begin our trek. Passing through various incredible local settlements, deep woods, waterfalls, and mountain peaks, we get to the highest altitude of this trek 5,388m and that is Kanchenjungha Base Camp.

What things should I pack in my bag for this trek?

Normally, people pack up their daily use clothing, water bag or bottle, some basic medicines, light snacks, and accessories. But since Kanchenjungha Circuit Trek is one of the most remote areas of trekking, you may not get the things you require immediately. So, you need to carry some extra pairs of daily use clothing and equipment. A sleeping bag is usually provided by the company and the rest of the equipment is to be arranged on your own. For more details click the link: Trekking Pack list.

How long is Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek?

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is one of the longest treks in Nepal. It takes 25 days if you want it with proper acclimatization. Optionally, you can do it in 22 days too by avoiding some days of acclimatization and side trips. Further, if you don’t want any days for acclimatization and don’t want to do the side trips, it can also be completed in 18 days. So, it depends on you what kind and how long Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek you prefer doing and you can ask your travel partner to set the itinerary accordingly.

What are the symptoms of altitude sickness and how can I prevent it?

The common symptoms of altitude sickness are headache, fever, diarrhea, indigestion, and the like. If you have these symptoms, then, you must be aware of your health so that it doesn’t get worse. However, these symptoms in your body don’t always prove that you have got altitude sickness. To make it sure that you have got it or not, you can simply consult your guide and use the medicine. Even you may require to be rescued for the further treatment.

What if I get altitude sickness?

These are the following things you should do if you get altitude sickness.

  • Descend to the lower elevation
  • Keep your body warm by having hot water and hot soups
  • Use general medicine to prevent diarrhea, headache, and fever.
  • Do not lose your hope and build up the same confidence as before
  • Ask your guide to rescue you if you cannot continue the trek and your problems are getting worsened.


Where will I be staying and what will I be eating along the trek?

If you choose to do a camping trek, you will be staying in the tents and eating there. But choosing a teahouse trek will be more relaxing and convenient for you. I teahouse trekking, you will be using the teahouses for your accommodation and food. You don’t need to be stressed about the equipment for accommodation and foodstuffs for meals. Previously, there were no teahouses on the trail but these days we can get teahouses on the trail for all kinds of meals and accommodation. They will provide you with certain items of food and basic accommodation that are what you are using in your Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek.


​​​​​​​How much does the permit cost for Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek?

You must collect two different permits for your Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. These are Kanchenjunga Protected Area Entry Permit and Special Area Entry Permit. You need to get Special Area Entry Permit at least for 3 weeks which costs equivalent to USD 10 per week. And Kanchenjunga Protected Area Entry Permit costs equivalent to USD 20.


​​​​​​​Is it mandatory to give tips to the guide and porter?

Giving tips has always been a big issue for discussion but in fact, it is not. There is no any bottom-line for handing over the tips to the crew members. However, separating USD 5-10 each day for your guide and porters is a very basic idea for tips. But it doesn’t mean that you must follow this guideline all the time. It’s your wish whether to give tips or not. Nevertheless, giving some extra to your crew members always will be a great idea that makes them delighted and encouraged to work further.