Nepal Travel Guide will help you to know about the details process what do you need to know before you would like to visit Nepal. Nepal is a secular democratic republic nation located in South Asia between two large countries: China and India. Nepal is best known for the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Pashupatinath temple, and Mt. Everest, the highest mountain peak of the world. This Himalayan country has distinctively divided into three major regions: Himal, Pahad, and Terai. And, again the new constitution of Nepal has divided the entire region of Nepal into 7 different states. The major cities of Nepal are Kathmandu, the capital, Pokhara, Chitwan, Butwal, Biratnagar etc. So far, there is only one international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport. Gautam Buddha International Airport which is under construction is going to open for Visit Nepal. There is no railway service to connect the major cities of Nepal like Pokhara, Chitwan, and Kathmandu. There are a few domestic airports to connect major trekking and tour destinations. But, the major mode of transportation is roadways.

Getting a Tourist Visa for Nepal

Getting a Tourist visa for Nepal is an easy job compared to getting a visa for other countries. For this, we need to undergo a few rules and regulations. The visa category differs according to your purpose of visit to Nepal. If we do not apply for a Nepal visa through the Nepalese Diplomatic Missions located in your home country, we get an arrival visa while entering Nepal at Tribhuvan international airport.

Two ways of getting a Tourist visa for Nepal:

Apply for the Nepal visa through the Nepalese Diplomatic Missions located in your home country. If you obtain a visa this way, you must travel to Nepal within 6 months from the date of the visa issued date.

Getting On-Arrival Visa at the immigration office at Tribhuvan International airport. This is an easy task. We get visas within a few minutes. Even, we do not need to follow lengthy procedures.

Obtained tourist visas, later, can be changed into other categories if they require meeting the other purpose of the visit of the visitors.

Different visa charges ‘ On Arrival Visa for Nepal’ on a days basis

  • 15 days- 25 USD

  • 30 days- 40 USD

  • 90 days- 100 USD

However, there are a few cases where you do not need to pay for Visa in Nepal. There’s a provision of free visa for:

  • Children below 10 years

  • SAARC nationals ( except Afghanistan) for the first 30 days of their arrival.

  • Free visa for NRN cardholder issued by MoFA/ Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad

  • Chinese Nationals

  • Officials from China, Brazil, Russia, and Thailand (because of the reciprocal visa waiver agreement)

Extending Visa for Nepal

Sometimes, we do really want to spend more days in Nepal since your purpose is not fulfilled. It this case, we can extend our Nepal Visa. This process is more convenient than getting a Tourist Visa for Nepal. For this, we need to contact the Immigration Office at TIA. We also get support from the Imigration Office located at Pokhara for extending Tourist Visa for Nepal.

But to extend other categories of visas, there are no other ways except consulting the Department of Immigration, Kathmandu.

Nepal is a landlocked country in Asia bordering to India, Tibet, and China. We have direct road access from Tibet, China and India. The border area between Tibet and Nepal is Sighatse and Tatopani Entry Point. Shigatse is connecting Nepal very soon with its Railway. Large numbers of Tibetan, Chinese and Indian choose to enter Nepal for various purposes from this entry point.

Regarding the entry points from India, we have several entry points to Nepal from India.

The major entry points are Kakarvitta, Birjung, Bhairahawa, Nepaljung, Dhangadi, Mahendranagar, and Belhiya.

Traveling to Nepal by land is to use certain entry points. These are as follows:

Nepal India Border Entry Points

  • Kakarbhitta

  • Birgunj

  • Belhiya,

  • Bhairahawa

  • Nepalgunj

  • Dhangadi

  • Mahendra Nagar

  • Nepal-China Border Points

  • Tatopani via Kodari Highway

  • Overland tourists entering the Kingdom with their vehicles must possess an international carnet.

  • Recently, China is doing research on how to connect Nepal with railway service too.

Direct Flights to Nepal

Name of Country





Thai Airways



Korean Air



Silk Air


Hong Kong

Dragon Air



Qatar Airways




United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airways

United Arab Emirates


Air Arabia



Bahrain Air



GMG Airlines



Biman Bangladesh



Pakistan International Airlines



Druk Air



Jet Lite



Jet Airways


Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanashi

Indian Airlines



China Southern Airlines



China Eastern


Lhasa, Chengdu

Air China

Nepal Airlines is the national flag carrier of Nepal with flights to/from Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

Apart from the above airlines, the following airlines are offering offline services in Kathmandu, Nepal

Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Austrian Airlines

Air France
British Airways

Air India Ltd
Cathay Pacific

China Airlines

East-West Airlines


Eva Airways

Japan Airlines

Kuwait Airways

Modi Luft

Northwest Airways

Philipines Airlines

Qantas Airways

Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Dutch Airlines

Singapore Airlines



Note: We would suggest that if there is not any direct flight connection with your city or country to Nepal please contact your local travel agent or you may directly contact us for the assistance of flight connection information. Our traveler officer is always on standby to help you.

  • Air Arabia

  • Air Asia

  • Air China

  • Air India

  • Bhutan Airlines

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines

  • Cathay Dragon

  • China Eastern Airlines

  • China Southern Airlines Drukair

  • Etihad Airways Fly Dubai

  • Himalaya Airlines

  • IndiGo Jet Airways

  • Malaysia Airlines

  • Malindo Air

  • Oman Air

  • Qatar Airways

  • Sichuan Airlines

  • Thai Airways

  • Turkish Airlines

Weather/Seasons in Nepal

Nepal goes through 4 major climatic seasons in a year. These are Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter. Every season has three months Autumn ( Sept- Nov) Winter ( Dec-Feb) Spring ( Mar-May) and Summer ( June-August).

The winter is cold everywhere. Basically, mountain regions along with major trekking trails receive heavy snowfall during mid of winter. So, winter is not supposed to be good weather for traveling in the mountain. The summer is hot and rainy. Heavy rainfall sometimes obstructs us from traveling from one to another place. So, summer is also not considered to be a good season to travel in Nepal. Spring is pleasant. The green hills and the incredible mountain peaks make spring more pleasant and delightful for traveling. In fact, spring is the second-best season to travel in Nepal. Autumn is the perfect weather to travel in Nepal. The temperature is perfect. There will be no rain and no snowfall in the mountain region. So, the majority of the people either go with Spring or Autumn for traveling in Nepal.


The typical Nepali dish is Dal Bhat Tarkari. Normally, Nepalese have it twice a day. They add mutton or chicken with it if they want. But beef is not allowed in Nepal since Nepalese Hindus worship cows as a goddess. In modern restaurants of modern cities, we get every kind of food item like continental, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Nepali, and Europeans. Moreover, in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan, we can find specialized food zones like Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and so on.

Regarding the foods in the mountain, we get a menu in which certain items of foods are mentioned and we have to find the best among them. We really do not find a variety of food items in the mountain like in restaurants of developed cities. But the foods we get in the mountain are organic.


has its own currency called Nepali Rupees. It is different from Indian Rupee. One hundred Indian rupees is equivalent to one hundred and sixty Nepali rupees. One USD is equivalent to one hundred and 10-14 ( as exchange rate changes) Nepali rupees. Mostly, people use Nepali Rupees in Nepal but in major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan, people also accept USD or AUD. But on the trekking trails in the mountain, Nepali rupees is preferred. You can find many money exchange booths in Thamel and they will help you to get the currency you want for expenses.

Religions and Festivals

Nepal is predominantly a Hindu country although its new constitution has declared it as a secular nation. Above 80 people follow the Hindu religion in Nepal. Rests of them are Buddhists, Christian, Muslims, and the people of other unidentified religions. It is a multi-religious country however it has never undergone religious violence. People in Nepal believe in religious and cultural tolerance.

As a Hindu country, Dashain and Tihar are the two greatest festivals observed by the people in Nepal. Dashain is celebrated for 15 days and Tihar for 5 days. Everyone gets public holidays during Dashain and Tihar. But the society has been changed and people these days observe Christmas, Holi, Id, Lhosar, Shivaratri, and Chhat jointly with equal emphasis. People really help each other celebrate each others festivals.

Domestic Airports in Nepal

  • Lukla Airport

  • Pokhara Airport

  • Phaplu Airport.

  • Bharatpur Airport

  • Bhairawa Airport

  • Tumlingtar Airport.

  • Simikot Airport

  • Janakpur Airport

  • Juphal Airport

  • Jumla Airport

Major Trekking/Hiking Destinations/ Trails

As a Himalayan country, Nepal offers rewarding trekking/ Hiking trails to global trekkers. The most rewarding trekking/hiking trails are:

Nepal is rich in its history and culture. More than 8 spectacular sites have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites which offer the opportunity of marvelous tours opportunities. These are the most popular tours destinations of Nepal.

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