Boudhanath Temple is the big stupa of Buddhist symbol whish is located 5km from the north-east of central Kathmandu. According to the Nepal Bhasa ( Language ) Boudhanath is known with the name of Khasti Maha Chaitya. The Tibeten Language is known with the name of Jarung Khashor. The Boudhanath Stupa is one of the Largest Stupa in the world. Boudhanath Stupa is listed in Unesco World Herritage Site since 1979. There is different legenary of Constructing the Boudhanath Stupa or Temple. Among them according to the Newari Buddhist methology during the Licchavi regin there was the drought that hurt to Kathmandu valley. To get relief from it the astrologers advise that only the sacrifice of a virtuous man would bring rain. So the Licchivi King Vikramaditya decided himself to sacrifice and order one of his son to go to the royal well on a moonless night decapitate the shrouded body he would fine there. When the son obeyed the order of his Father he found he had sacrifice his own Father.He was so frustrated and asked the god Bajrayogini of Sankhu how to expiate the guilt. the god advise her to let fly a bird and told him to built a stupa at the spot where it landed, which was boudhanath.

Ajima Shrine

Ajima is the Newari Language in Nepali Language Ajima is Popularly Known as Harati Mata. This Harati mata god is well known in Nepal as the Protector of the children. And in Boudhanath it is located at the far side of the stupa near tamnag gompa.

Visiting Boudha’s Gompa

There are many Gompa to visit in Boudhanath Temple Area. The name of Gompa’s you can visit are tamang gompa, dabzang gompa, kerong samtenling gompa, sakya tharig gompa, jamchen lhakang gompa, Sherpa gompa etc.

Entry Fees And Facilities

To visit inside the Boudhanath Stupa or Temple all the Foreigner visitor need to take entrance ticket which is cost Rs 400 for the non SAARC nationality and For the SAARC National it is cost Rs 1oo. Inside The Boudhanath Area you can get all the facilities like Restaurant to eat, Coffee Shop, Sovenier Shop to buy gift you can get there.