Tibet, a cultural hub of the world, one of the ultimate tourist destinations ever known, probably the most sacred land endowed with spiritual and cultural wonders that have been fascinating tourist around the globe having different interests and they find Tibet a land blessed with heavenly pleasure. Tibet, undoubtedly, is considered as the land of origin of ancient Buddhist culture. The magnificent arts and serene monasteries let the tourists feel completely enlightened and mesmerized.

Having been situated at an average elevation of 5,000m (16,000 ft.) above sea level, tourists find Tibet as a prime attraction for their visit. In fact, Tibet tour is not only a journey to the lap of the holy Himalayas but also to the spiritually enriched and blessed cultural and religious sites. The exotic cities, the hidden mysterious valleys and magnificent landscapes beautifully surrounded by superb mountain panorama probably offer the awe-inspiring experience of a lifetime.

The grand mountain terrain of the plateau presents the ultimate adventure for the adventure seekers around the globe. Most significantly, Tibet is very popular as it is entitled ‘The Roof of The World’ among the tourists. The ultimate thrills of trekking and various types of adventures, probably the grandest mountain panoramic view, ancient and primordial Buddhists civilization and culture, the rolling hills and fascinating hidden valleys and awe-inspiring landscapes are the notable highlights of the Tibet tour.

a mysterious land on the earth is also known as Shangri La, The Forbidden Land, The Roof of the World, and by many more names. Fundamentally, Tibet is very popular for the origination of age-long Buddhist culture. For centuries, Tibet has lured the mankind of the world and people find Tibet ‘Really a Mysterious Land on the Earth’.