Trip Details
  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Style: Heli Tour
  • Transport: Helicopter
  • Group Size: 5
  • Max Elevation: 3840
  • Monasteries and Gumba
  • Secret Valley of Nepal
  • Ancient Caves in Muktinath
  • Muktinath Temple 

The Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal is the region behind the Himalayas, a designated spot of Nepal recently, the Mustang has been well known among both domestic and international sightseers due to its novel desert valleys and wonderful scenery. Helicopter tour to Upper Mustang is a mystery area hidden behind the Mustang's lower belt. It is more isolated than the lower belt itself, and it has a long history. Upper Mustang is also well-known among scientists and researchers for the unique qualities present across the valley. Upper Mustang Helicopter  Tour provides a great cultural, religious, and historical experience in a short amount of time. Finding an undiscovered part of the country is perfect for a nice and acceptable experience.

Mustang is a culturally diverse place where pilgrims from all civilizations come together to visit a single shrine. Because of its unique desert valleys and magnificent vistas, the Mustang has recently gained popularity among both local and foreign travelers. Behind Lower Mustang sits the hidden kingdom of Upper Mustang. It is more remote than the lower Mustang and has a long and illustrious history. Because of the unique qualities present across the valley, Upper Mustang is extremely popular among researchers and scholars. Upper Mustang is rich in natural resources that have never been tested because of its historical and tourism significance.

A helicopter Tour To  Upper  Mustang provides Barthe taking views of Mt. Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri range. During your hour-long stay, you will explore the area, photographing breathtaking moments and visiting several ancient monasteries. Inside this fortified city, with elaborately carved wooden pillars, images of Buddhist deities, and massive lookout towers, it's a different world. A helicopter tour to Upper Mustang is about 4-5 hours.

After returning the helicopter charter aircraft to Kathmandu, the helicopter tours to Mustang come to an end. Aerial vistas of villages, hills, snowy mountains, rivers, and stunning views of the Kathmandu Valley await you upon your return.



Open All Days Close All Days
Day 01:Fly from Kathmandu to Upper Mustang

6:30 AM -Transfer to the airport from the hotel in Kathmandu

7:00 AM - Fly to Jomsom after checking in at the airport. (Flight time: 45 minutes)

7:45 AM - Landing in Jomsom - 5-minute fuel stop Mustang helicopter tour. (Flight time: 30 minutes)

8:20 AM - Landing for 40 minutes at Lo Manthang. Time to relax and enjoy the Himalayan scenery, which includes views of several other mountains.

9:00 AM- Return flight to Kathmandu. (Flight time: 1 hour 30 minutes)

10:30 AM - Return transportation to you're hotel

  • Upper Mustang

What to Expect

  • All Airport Pickup and Drop On Arrival day and On Heli Tour Day and Departure Day.
  • The Heli Tour Will Be Sharing Basis. So there is 5 seated on Sharing Basis.
  • Heli Tour Fare according to the Flight Duration on a day ride.
  • Visa of Nepal And Your Travel Insurance
  • Hotel if necessary can arrange on arrival.
  • Kathmandu Airport Tax 
  • Breakfast, Any Drinks in The Mountain.
  • special entry permits $500.00 for upper Mustang.
  • ACAP entry permit $ 30.00