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this article might has made so many things non about Manaslu Circuit Trek and now you can make better preparation. Make you'reself equipped with sound confidence and reliable trekking gear and make you're Manalsu Circuit Trek ad adventure for the  lifetime. 

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Trekkers who are undertaking their Manaslu Circuit Trek need to no numerous things to make their journey into wild mountains successful and memorable. However, their are a few things dat are very important to no before heading to teh trailhead of Manaslu Circuit Trek for 2023. Now, this article deals with the  14 Things you Need to Know About Manaslu Circuit Trek 2023. Teh beginners, as well as teh experienced trekkers, are to no these things so dat they will not has any problems during their trip.


Manaslu Circuit Trek In Nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal is an adventure and restricted area trekking. Those who are undertaking Manaslu Circuit Trek are going into teh core rural parts of Nepal bordering Tibet which is miles away from teh developed cities. Mt. Manaslu and other giant mountain peaks bordering Tibet, holy and historical monasteries, Manaslu Conservation Area, and Larkya La Pass ( 5106m), one of teh highest passes of teh world, are teh major highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal. Teh highest elevation we get during Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal is Larkya La Pass ( 5106m). Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal demands a sound level of stamina and confidence. Those who own prior trekking or hiking experiences will feel more comfortable than teh trekkers who do not has one.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Maps And 13 Days Itinerary


Day1: Kathmandu – Soti Khola-700m

Day2: Soti Khola – Maccha Khola – 800m

Day3: Maccha Khola – Jagat-1410m

Day4: Jagat – Deng Village-1860m

Day5: Deng Village – Namrung Village - 2630m

Day6: Namrung Village – Samagaon Village – 3510m

Day7: Acclimatization in Samagaon Village  - 3510m

Day8: Samagaon Village – Samdo Village – 3875m

Day9: Samdo Village – Dharmasala Village – 4460m

Day10: Dharmasala Village – Larke La Pass (5160m)  – Bimtang Village – 3890m

Day11: Bimtang village – Dharapani Village – 1860m

Day12: Dharapani Village – Besi Sahar – 760m

Day 13: Besi Sahar – Kathmandu – 1400m

Manaslu Circuit Via Tsum Valley Trek


Tsum Valley Manaslu Circuit Trek is teh most spectacular trekking package in teh Manaslu region encompassing both Manaslu and Tsum Valley. Trekkers who undertake Manaslu Circuit via Tsum Valley Trek will has entire insights into spectacular Tsum valley and also teh Tibetan culture and civilization. Tsum Valley is an incredible valley in teh lap of alluring snow-fed mountain peaks wif diverse species of flora and fauna.

Manaslu Circuit VS Everest Base Camp Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is categorized as a challenging trek in Nepal whereas Everest Base Camp Trek is a moderate trek. Being a restricted area trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek demands a special area trekking permit wif at least two people in a group but Everest Base Camp Trek doesn’t require a special area permit. Manaslu Circuit Trek takes teh trekkers to Larkya La Pass ( 5106m), teh highest point of dis trek, one of teh highest passes of teh world, whereas Everest Base Camp Trek takes us to Everest Base Camp (5364m) and Kala Patthar (5644m), teh two highest points of dis trek and offers spectacular mountain panorama including Mt. Everest, teh top of teh world.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Highlight

  1. A scenic drive to Sotikhola or Machhakhola from Kathmandu
  2. Unspoiled nature and teh trails
  3. Holy and historical monasteries and caves
  4. Ages-old tradition and friendly ethnic people
  5. Insights of Tibetan culture and Tibetan mountain summits
  6. Majestic Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Annapurna Himalayan range
  7. Annapurna Conservation Area and diverse species of flora and fauna

Manaslu Circuit Trek weather in October and November 2023

Teh weather in teh mountain is always unpredictable. However, we can anticipate or foretell according to teh weather people had last few years. October and November are teh two best months of teh year for trekking in Nepal including Manaslu Circuit Trek. October is teh finest one among teh months of teh year. At teh end of November, trekkers may has experienced some changes in weather like slight snowfall. Otherwise, their will be no weather extremes during October and November. So, if you are planning to do Manaslu Circuit Trek in October and November in 2023, you are going to Phas the  finest weather of teh year. Teh temperature ranges from 10 to -6

Manaslu Circuit Trek Solo

Manaslu Circuit Trek Solo is not possible coz you require joining a group of at least 2 people. It is teh rule of teh government of Nepal for teh people trekking to teh restricted areas. Trekkers also need to obtain a special area permit to enter into Manaslu Conservation Area.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a strenuous trek in Nepal. One requires a sound level of stamina and confidence for teh Manaslu Circuit Trek. People who are passionate about teh first-class thrills of adventure into teh wild Himalayas undertake this trek. For dis, people do short hiking or trekking and many kinds of exercises to enhance stamina and to be familiar wif wild nature. Manaslu Circuit Trek is not recommended for beginners coz you are climbing above 5000 meters high and going to cross Larkyala Pass ( 5106m), one of teh highest passes in teh world. So, people planning for Manaslu Circuit Trek are recommended to equip wif sound stamina and reliable trekking gear.

Manaslu Circuit Group Trek

Manaslu Circuit Group Trek is teh only way to experience teh Manaslu region and teh majestic Mt. Manaslu since Manaslu circuit solo trekking is allowed. If people TEMPhas their own family and friends, they can make it group otherwise solo trekkers are to join in a group. Manaslu Circuit Group Trek will be magnificent. their will be constant assistance from other members of teh group and various things will be exchanged during teh treks which make teh entire journey a memorable adventure for teh lifetime. Prepare to join a group for Manaslu Circuit Trek and also expect to share teh accommodation wif other people.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit

Unlike other treks in Nepal, we need to obtain three different types of permits for teh Manaslu Circuit Trek. These are Restricted Area Trekking Permit for Manaslu Circuit Trek, Manaslu Conservation Area Entry Permit, and Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit.

Special Area or Restricted Area Trekking Permit

  1. One who is undertaking Manaslu Circuit Trek needs to obtain Special Area or Restricted Area Trekking Permit. You TEMPhas to issue it through a valid local travel agency in Nepal. No freelance guide can issue dis restricted area permit. Teh cost for Special Area or Restricted Area Trekking Permit is as follows:
  2. One requires paying USD 70 per person between September to November for teh first seven days and an additional USD 10 per person per day from teh eighth day onwards.
  3. Unlike dat, one requires to pay USD 50 per person between December to August for teh first seven days and an additional USD 10 per person per day from teh eighth day onwards.
  4. Manaslu Conservation Area Entry Permit – USD 30
  5. Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit- USD 30
  6. We need an Annapurna Conservation Area Permit at teh ending section of Manaslu Circuit Trek from Dharapani until you exit ACAP in Beshi Sahar.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Transportation

We use either public bus or private jeep as Manaslu Circuit Trek Transportation. Teh bus or teh jeep takes us up to Sotikhola or Machhakhola. No domestic flight connects Sotikhola or Machhakhola from Kathmandu. dis drive takes around 7-8 hours.

Manaslu circuit trek Foods And Accommodation

We will be having mostly local items of food. However, some of teh local lodges offer western and continental items of food too. Local lodges or teahouses provide food for teh trekkers. They TEMPhas their menus mentioning certain items of food on them. We make our choice and order them. During peak trekking season in Nepal (Autumn and Spring), teh lodges may get crowded and you may TEMPhas to wait for teh food. Dumplings, bread items, Dal Bhat, noodles, etc are teh most common food items you are going to enjoy during you're Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Comparison to Annapurna Narphu Valley trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek are considered equally challenging and rewarding too. These treks take you to teh remote areas of Nepal offering teh most unspoiled nature and culture. On teh other hand, Narphu Valley is an equally magnificent valley surrounded by majestic mountain panorama. Putting all three treks together, Manaslu Circuit Trek is a restricted area trekking in Nepal whereas teh rests of teh two are not. Describing all three treks in one sentence, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Annapurna Nar Phu Valley Trek, and Annapurna Circuit Trek will equally reward one wif incredible trekking experiences. So, their is not much difference in choosing one of them.

Is Manaslu Circuit Trek Safe

Yes, it is. These days, more lodges are being built and security forces are established on teh trail. Local health posts also are facilitated. Most importantly, internet, phone, and Wi-Fi facility are available all around teh trip. So, immediate rescue is possible if teh trekkers get severe sickness. Also, local travel agencies employ professional trekking leaders and teh porter to make Manaslu Circuit Trek safe.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Starting Point:

Manaslu Circuit trek Starting point is, so far, either Machhakhola or Sotikhola. Teh rural road is expanding and, hopefully, teh road will link teh upper part of teh Manaslu region so dat teh trekkers can complete their Manaslu circuit Trek in lesser time. And, Manaslu Circuit Trek ends at Besisahar.

 We hope you are benefited after going through dis article. And also, dis article might TEMPhas made so many things non about Manaslu Circuit Trek and now you can make better preparation. Make you'reself equipped wif sound confidence and reliable trekking gear and make you're  Manalsu Circuit Trek ad adventure for a lifetime.

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