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There are certain areas in the mountains of Nepal that are categorized as restricted areas by the government of Nepal. These areas come along the

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What is the restricted area trekking in Nepal :

There are certain areas in the mountains of Nepal that are categorized as restricted areas by the government of Nepal. These areas come along the Himalayan belt in different parts from the east to the west of the Nepalese Himalaya. Restricted area trekking in Nepal gives you an experience of timeless villages and cultures in addition to the most pristine form of nature.

Although it is a restricted area, you will be able to trek there once you obtain a special trekking permit in Nepal. You will have to pay a certain amount of royalty to get the permit.
We are going to talk about 6 Incredible Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal in the post today. We aim to let you know about these amazing mountain regions trekking through this post. This single post will bring 6 beautiful trips to make it easier for you to choose the one if you intend to go on one sooner or later.

Upper Mustang Trek

You will explore the dry and rugged land of Mustang on this trip. This trek takes you to Upper Mustang where you can explore amazing Tibetan Buddhist Culture and inspiring lifestyle. One of the most sought-after restricted area trekking trips in Nepal, Upper Mustang Trek also brings you the ancient caves monasteries, color-changing mountains, rugged folds of the mountains and jagged cliffs along the trekking route. The region lies in between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges of the Himalaya.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Another beautiful trek that explores one of the restricted areas is the Manaslu circuit trek. The trek goes to explore the Manaslu region where Mt. Manaslu stands tall at the elevation of 8,156 meters above sea level. Mt. Manaslu, which means ‘the spirit mountain’, is the eighth highest mountain in the world. Trekking in the Manaslu region is not only a beautiful adventure but also is one of the best peaceful trekking explorations in Nepal.

Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum valley is a wonderful region in the Manaslu area. This remote valley offers an incredible exploration of the cultural riches of the timeless villages and ethnic groups living there. The civilization of Tsum valley was unexplored for until a few years back. Thus, the region provides an uninfluenced culture and an inspiring lifestyle. The Buddhist spiritual influence in the lifestyle of people there has made the whole atmosphere of the region spiritual.

Upper Dolpo Trek

Another amazing restricted area trekking in Nepal is Upper Dolpo Trekking. This trek takes you to explore the amazing remote area in the western mountains of the Himalaya. This long trekking trip certainly explores the culture, mountain views and the beauty of nature and a lake. The remoteness of
the western mountains and the ancient villages in the region gives an experience of exploring the wilderness at its best. This trekking goes through a peaceful area with fewer trekkers in the region. This trip will certainly make one of the best trekking adventure experiences of your lifetime.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Valley Trek is another restricted area adventure that goes to the northern part of Manang. It explores the remote valleys of Nar and Phu. You follow the Annapurna Circuit Trail and take a diversion towards Nar Phu valley. You will explore ancient cultures in timeless villages of the two remote valleys – Nar and Phu. This trek is also a recent opening for exploration to the outer world. Thus, you can find unaffected cultural wonders and nature at the best. Nar Phu Valley Trek can also be combined with Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Kanchenjunga Trek

Amongst the amazing trekking areas in Nepal, Kanchenjunga Trek goes in the easternmost part of the Himalayas in Nepal. Mt. Kanchenjunga (8,586m), the third-highest mountain in the world, and the region offer a beautiful trekking experience. This is another wilderness trek with minimum infrastructures and facilities along the trail. But the experience that you will get is certainly a once in the lifetime one. This long trek will not only let you enjoy the beauty of Kanchenjunga but also explore the timeless villages of ethnic people. One of the remotest and wildest treks in Nepal, Kanchenjunga trek is also one of the best peaceful treks. We prepared this post hoping that it will be helpful for you to find incredibly restricted area trekking trips in one place. You must certainly have some brief ideas about how the trips are and where they take place. With the links given in the post, you can go to the particular packages and find more details there.
Let us know if you want any more information on Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal.

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