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Manaslu Base Camp Trek Permit and Rules providing you short information about this restrict area you should know before you start,

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Manaslu Base Camp Trek Permit and Rules provide you with short information about this restricted area you should know before you start, Manaslu Base Camp Trekking is a remote and restricted area trekking for the experience of wilderness. Being one of the tallest mountain peaks in the world Mount Manaslu (8163m.) has been attracting thousands of travelers across the world. The popular trekking trails in Nepal like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang are getting too crowded. So, the travelers who choose to make a trip to Nepal’s Himalayas prefer Manaslu Base Camp. This trip offers an excellent opportunity to experience the most remote lifestyle of the people of the mountain region along with off-the-beaten trails.

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Permit and RulesManaslu trekking 

Mount Manaslu:

Manaslu Base Camp trekking area is not as facilitated as other trekking regions like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang however, at present, it is also getting facilitated as other trekking trails in Nepal. The availability of lodges and hotels now makes this trip more convenient. Despite being remote and restricted area trekking, it has been fascinating for tourists for years.

Around Manaslu trekking is a strenuous trek and it may not fit the people of all the groups. They need high stamina and well physical fitness. This trek takes you to the most remote area of the Manaslu region. And the trip offers you a marvelous view of Mount Manasalu along with other snow-capped peaks on the horizon. The local heritage and the biological diversity of this region please the tourists.

Manaslu Base Camp trekking is also famous for adventurous trekking in Nepal. The highest point in this trek is the ‘Larkya La Pass’ which is widely believed to be one of the most dramatic and high passes crossing in the Himalayas in Nepal. Nevertheless, we ensure the acclimatization and the topmost safety of the trekkers on the mountain during this Trek. Adventurous but on your triumph a rewarding, Manaslu Base Camp trek excellently satisfies the adventure enthusiasts. In addition, a wide range of snow-fed mountains, flora and fauna, age-long heritages, glaciers, beautiful landscapes, and the like.

Permit, Rules, and  Regulation:

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Permit and Rules

Because of the Restricted trekking route, the Permit of this region is different from the normal trekking regions like Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang. According to Government Regulation, the Permit for the Manaslu trekking region is quoted Offseason and Peak season. The rate of the permit in the Peak season starts from March to May and Sep to November is 70 U.S. dollars for 7 days. The rate of the permit for the offseason is 50 u.s dollars for 7 days.

To process the permit you need to have at least 4 passport sizes of Photo and on arrival. And, you need to show an original passport to the government to grant the Permit. The Tims card is not necessary but it is compulsory to take MCAP ( Manaslu Conservation Area Permit ) and ACAP ( Annapurna Conservation Area Permit ). The government doesn’t allow Individual trekkers and travelers on this trekking route. For the permit, there must be at least 2 groups of trekkers with a government-registered guide and their Travel insurance is compulsory.

When is the Best Season For Manaslu Trek:

Even though the best trekking season for the Manaslu trek in Nepal is March to May and Sep to Nov. We like to give some hence to the trekkers to choose their month of Adventure. Since the trek starts from the Low altitude Arukhet 700m to the High altitude Larke Pass 5160m there will change in the range of temperature of the climate. Find some hence of the weather conditions.

January And February: In the wintertime in Nepal, most trekkers said Few people and very quiet during trekking and it is cold and icy and the sky is clear. In this month Changing weather patterns are difficult to say. So there is a need for Crampons for descending the Pass. Need to bring a tent to some places.

  • March: Good weather not too cold at high up and not too warm at down below. The beautiful Rhododendrons can see from Deng up to Shyala.
  • April: Getting Hot in the weather in Lower. The beautiful Rhododendrons can see from Deng up to Shyala.
  • May: The month is hot and sweaty. The last of the Rhododendrons bloom you can see.
  • June July and August: Start Moonsoon no trekkers can be seen and very few lodges are in activities.
  • September: The end of Moonson but still the possibility of Haze and rain. Begin to start good weather for trekking from the middle of September.
  • October: Best time and Magnificent for the Trekking Time.
  • November: It is cold higher up but still the best month for trekking.
  • December: Getting cold but best viewed with the clear sky.

Trekking Equipment Check List: 

What to Take During Trekking?



Trekking Boot: one Pair Down  or Fiber filled water and windproof jacket and trousers: 1
Socks: 4, Light socks : 3, Sandle: 1 Fleece Jacket / Pullover: 1

Other Equipment

Warm cotton trousers: 2
Down Jacket: 1 Shirt and T-shirts: 4
Day Pack at Least 25 kg Lightweight cotton long trousers :3
Water Bottle 1 Long underwear: 2,  Short underwear: 4
Sun Cream 1 Sun hat / Scarft/ Woolen hat :1
Sun Glass 1 Lightweight gloves: 1, Raincoat:1
Towel Heavyweight glove or mitten with a waterproof: 1    
Flashlight with spare bulbs, batteries, lip salve, and gaiters.


Laundry soap Notebook and Pen
Pocket Knife Toilet articles
Sewing Kit, Camera, Film, Cards, and Personal Medical Kit. Toilet Roll

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