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Manaslu trekking is a remote and restricted area trekking in Nepal. Being a restricted and remote area trekking, it grabs solitary adventure lovers from the

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Manaslu trekking is a remote and restricted area trekking in Nepal. Being a restricted and remote area trekking, it grabs solitary adventure lovers from the globe. Relatively, the Manaslu trekking region is the less trekked area in Nepal.

The trails are still a virgin in this region. There are lots of exciting and mysterious things to explore including culture, ethnic people, flora and faunas, mountain peaks, history and civilization, caves, and monasteries. These things will completely be new to the trekkers who choose to trek in the Manaslu region.

However, in a few recent years, the Manaslu region is gradually getting different facilities such as guesthouses, lodges, restaurants, communication and so on due to which tourists can spend the night and have meals conveniently. Even at Dharmasala, the only lodge has a lot been changed these days.

Manaslu Trekking Transportation/Getting to the trailhead

Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu Trek Route Accommodation Cost Itinerary Informationmanaslu region trek

No domestic flights connect the trailhead of Manaslu region trekking. Even no tourist buses take you to the starting point of this trek. Only the local bus or private jeep connects Kathmandu to Sotikhola, the beginning point of Manaslu trekking. The road, in the beginning, is smooth and then we get a country road which is rough. During summer, even the local bus and jeep do not run due to the landslide which destroys village road. So during summer, it is almost impossible to do Manaslu trekking.

It is around 8-10 hours drive from Kathmandu to Sotukhola just above Arughat Bazar. Prepare to experience the remote road which is rough and bumping. However, it will be one of the most memorable experiences of life.

Manaslu Trekking Route

Manaslu Trek Route Accommodation Cost Itinerary Informationmanaslu trek route

Manaslu Trekking Route is located at the borderline between Tibet and Nepal. So we experience mostly Tibetan culture, ethnicity, civilization, and lifestyle.

From Sotikhola, we pass various exciting natural and cultural attractions like gorges, plateaus, deep forest and vegetations, wildlife, caves and monasteries and most significantly, mountain peaks and finally arrive at the Nepal Tibet borderline and extends the area of exploration toward Tibet.

Manaslu Trekking Itinerary

The core Manaslu Trekking itinerary is 17 or 18 days. But nowadays, people love the customized trip itinerary to the Manaslu region. Many trekkers are found asking to customize the core Manaslu trekking itinerary and make it to between 13 -16 01 17 days. It is because the trekkers really love to do the Manaslu trek but not plenty of time frames. Still, they can do it in between 13-17 days. These all itineraries are specially designed by trek and tour companies considering the days of proper acclimatization.

Manaslu Trek Route Accommodation Cost Itinerary Informationmanaslu trek

Core Manaslu Trekking Itinerary:

Day 1 : Arrive in Kathmandu and Transfer to the Hotel.

Day 2 : Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (710m ) – Overnight in Lodge

Day 3 : Trek from Soti Khola to Maccha Khola Gaon (930m) – Overnight in Lodge

Day 4 :Trek from Maccha Khola Gaon to Jagat ( 1410m) – Overnight in Lodge

Day 5 : Trek from Jagat to Nyak (2340m ) – Overnight in Lodge

Day 6 : Trek from Nyak to Ghap ( 2160m) – Overnight in Lodge

Day 7 : Trek from Ghap to Samagaon (3530m) – Overnight in Lodge

Day 8 : Rest at Samagaon

Day 9 : Trek from Samagaon to Dharamsala

Day 10 : Trek from Dharamsala (4470m) to Larke Pass – Overnight in Lodge

Day 11 : Trek from Larke Pass- ( 5106m) to Bhimtang ( 3720m) – Overnight in Lodge

Day 12 : Trek from Bhimtang to Dharapani (1860m)– Overnight in Lodge

Day 13 : Trek from Dharapani to Jagat(1300m) – Overnight in Lodge

Day 14 : Drive back to Kathmandu by Local jeep and bus. – Overnight in Hotel

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking

Manaslu Trek Route Accommodation Cost Itinerary Informationmanaslu tsum valley trek

The majority of the trekkers who choose to trek to the Manaslu region love to combine Tsum Valley with the Manaslu trek. Actually, Tsum valley is a mesmerizing valley in the Manaslu region offering exotic landscapes, flora and faunas, serene and solitary atmosphere, and astonishing mountain peaks. If we combine this hidden valley with the Manaslu trek, our trek to the Manaslu region will be more rewarding. Tsum Valley is rich in culture, religion, ancient Tibetan civilization, art, chortens, mani wall, and holy monasteries.

Manaslu Trekking Map

Manaslu trekking map tells a lot about this entire region and helps us in many ways. It tells about the route, distance, location, geography, flora and faunas, important sites to visit, and even the major facilities like hotels and resorts, hospital and health posts, and communication on the trail. So, being with a map is similar to being with a guide in the mountain. Manaslu Trekking Map can be purchased in Thamel. Or some trekking companies offer the trekking map free of cost to their clients.

Manaslu Trek Cost

Manaslu Trek's cost varies according to the itinerary you choose. And it also varies from one to another trekking company, their service, team, and the like. However, the cost for the Manaslu trek is between 1100 to 1400 U.S Dollars

Manaslu Trek Cost depends on the itinerary you choose, the service you want, the duration of permit you want, personal expenses, and the like.

Actually, those trekking or travel companies who quote very less Manaslu Trek cost has always some hidden interest and they will take advantage of the situation during the trip whenever they get.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Trek Route Accommodation Cost Itinerary Information

Manaslu Circuit Trek is sharing its tremendous popularity among adventure enthusiasts and remote area trekking lovers in Nepal. Being one of the most remote and restricted areas trekking in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek with its one of the highest passes in the world, Larkya La Pass, offers an absolute adventure to the trekkers. Passing one of the highest passes of the world and viewing the mountain panorama including one of the highest mountains in the world, Mt.Manaslu is the solely stunning experience for a lifetime.

Around Manaslu Trek

Synonymous to Manaslu Circuit Trekking, Around Manaslu Trekking grabs a large number of trekkers every year. Around Manaslu Trekking and Manaslu Circuit Trekking is the same trekking trail and offers you the same experiences. The majority of people know this trekking trail as Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Larkyala Pass is the highest point in this trekking. It is also one of the highest passes in the world.

Manaslu Trekking Accommodation

Since the Manaslu trekking region is a remote trekking trail in Nepal, it offers us a very normal type of accommodation. Normally, we have to share toilets and bathrooms. We do not get a hot shower all the time. For this, we have to use a bucket shower sometimes. However, the time has brought so many changes. Many modern guesthouses and lodges are being constructed these days. Dharamsala, the only guesthouse or that is like the very traditional inn, where we experience very normal or less than the normal type of accommodation. For this one night, we have to consider our accommodation.

Normally, we get twin sharing beds for accommodation. The beds are clean. They serve you the blankets however we recommend you to bring your own sleeping bag.

Manaslu trekking solo traveler

Manaslu Trek Route Accommodation Cost Itinerary Information

Traveling independently or solo travelers from a foreign country in the Manaslu region is not permitted. The trekkers at least have to be accompanied by a Nepali guide or a porter because it is restricted area trekking in Nepal.

Actually, it is not safe to trek in the mountain without a guide or porter. Trekking being accompanied by a guide and porter is less risky and safer. Recently, the government of Nepal and the tourism ministry of Nepal jointly came up with a rule that no solo traveler is allowed to trek in any region without a guide and porter. This rule will guarantee the safety of travelers in many ways.

Manaslu Trek Guide

Manaslu Trek Route Accommodation Cost Itinerary Informationmanaslu trek

It is strongly recommended to have a licensed guide while trekking in the Manaslu region in Nepal since it is restricted and one of the most remote areas trekking in Nepal. We do not really know all the required information for the trip. The guide will arrange all required accommodation and the team for the entire trip. We are not permitted to do Manaslu Trek without a guide or porter. So, a guide or porter is a must thing to arrange.

Manaslu Trek Distance

The total Manaslu Trek distance is 177 km from Besisahar. This distance is divided into 18 or 22 days according to the itinerary you choose. If we go with fewer days’ itineraries, we need to work harder. We are to work 9-10 km every day. Normally, we walk for 4-6 hours excluding our lunch and breakfast time. Manaslu trek begins from Arughat/Sotikhola and ends at Besisahar.

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