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As we talk about Manaslu Trekking Side Trips. Let me tell you short information about Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Manaslu Base Camp Trekking

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As we talk about Manaslu Trekking Side Trips. Let me tell you short information about Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Manaslu Base Camp Trekking and Manaslu Circuit Trekking are wilderness and restricted area trekking in Nepal. These trekking trails are still less beaten and less explored by the trekkers. We need to obtain a special restricted area trekking permit for Manaslu Region trekking.

Manaslu Trekking is a true combination of solitariness, wilderness, thrilling adventure, breathtaking mountain views including the giant Mt. Manaslu, eighth of world highest mountain and other beautiful peaks in the Tibetan side.

Also, we have two different Manaslu Treks: Lower Manaslu and Upper Manaslu. Lower Manaslu trekking lasts for one week and the upper Manaslu trekking lasts for 15-22 days including Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

Similarly, the holy caves, Tibetan plateaus, Tibetan culture and civilization, stone inscription and the like are also magnificent in Manaslu Trekking.

Manaslu Trekking begins from Sitikhola, Arughat after 7-8 hours drive from Kathmandu and ends at Besisahar.

Meals and Accommodation

We will be using very ordinary accommodation during Manaslu trekking. This will be teahouse or guest house accommodation. We hardly get the attached bathroom for our accommodation. Toilets are shared and outside.

Normally, Nepalese cushions are very common in this trekking. Nepali Dal Bhat, bread, noodle soups, dumpling etc are popular and organic in this trekking. However, we are provided a menu at the teahouse and we make a choice of our own for our food. They, actually, do not have many items in the menu like the restaurant in the city.

Level of Difficulty

Manaslu Trekking: Manaslu Base Camp and Manaslu Circuit trekking is considered to be adventure trekking in Nepal. It is difficult and strenuous in the sense that we need to face one of the highest passes in the world,  Larkya La Pass which is 5125m high. But the thrills of adventure and the breathtaking mountain views that Larkya Las Pass offers are awesome for the lifetime.  Prior trekking and hiking experience are recommended for Manaslu region trekking: Manaslu Base Camp and Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Those who have strong stamina, sound health and those who can walk 5-8 hours in the higher elevation can accomplish this task.

Sama Gaun Village

Sama Gaun Village is popular as the place for acclimatization. It is a beautiful village on the Manaslu Trekking trail. Mostly, people are Tibetan Buddhists. We have two options here at Sama Guan. The first thing we can go to Manaslu Base Camp and our day trek and come back to Sama Gaun for the overnight stay or we can go to explore the rich Sherpa culture. We can see of thousands of mani stones with Buddhist texts and pictures during our exploration tour at Sama Gaun. Just above atop hill, there is a monastery or gompa named Pungyen Gompa. Pungyen Gompa offers the splendid view of mighty glaciers. Making an exploration of Sherpa women clothing and ornaments will be astonishing.

Sama Gaun also offers an opportunity to see the freshwater lake, Birendra Lake which is a 45 minutes walk. This lake is beautifully surrounded by alluring mountain peaks. It is an astonishing site to visit while acclimatizing at Samagaun.

Samdo Village

Samdo Village is another place for acclimatization in Manaslu Trekking. We again have two options today. The best option for today is to hike up to the back of Samdo village. This hike will take us to one of the best viewpoints and also a trade pass to Tibet which offers us magnificent views of Mt. Manaslu along with other Himalayan ranges including Simrang, Hiunchuli, Ngadi, Larkye Peak, Cheo, and many other Tibetan peaks. We also view excellent landscapes some mountain and birds too. We experience the true flavor of wilderness here.

Trip to Gya La Pass could be the other option for today’s trip. We really do not recommend doing this trip today because it is a whole day trip which is tiring.

Birendra Lake

Birendra Lake (Birendra Tal), is a freshwater lake located in Manaslu Glacier in Gorkha District in northern-central Nepal Birendra Taal is nearby Punhyen Glacier and Gompa in Samagaun. From Sama Village Birendra tall which take 45 minutes to reach and see glory view through your naked eyes. We feel something like blessed to be surrounded by mountain peaks when we are at Birendra lake. These 45 minutes walk from Sama Gaun takes us to this mesmerizing natural high Himalayan lake where one can have the bliss of wilderness and serenity.

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