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Magic Expedition and Travel has been established to cater the most reliable travel and trekking packages to trekkers around the world. 

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Magic Expedition and Tours has been established to cater the most reliable travel and trekking packages to trekkers around the world. We are very aware of our responsibility. we are operating various tours and treks. Similarly, we are very conscious of how to be  Responsible for Travel and Tourism eco-friendly too. Besides, we do primarily focus on welfare and prompt response to our staff.

Environmental consciousness, reliable service to the clients, responsible to the employees, and equal value to each individual traveler are prominent concerns of Magic Expedition and Tours.

Responsible Travel and Tourism are synonymous with Responsible Tourism. These two terms are buzz terms in recent Tourism and Travel. Fundamentally, Responsible Tourism or Responsible Travel emphasizes sustainable travel or ecotourism. In Fact, modern people are quite indifferent towards ethical issues such as wildlife, volunteer, sanitation, conservation, and many more serious issues. What we Magic Expedition and Tours is aware of all these concerned issues during the operation of our tour, treks and any sort of trip either in mountain or city.

Responsible Porter and Guide and the TeamThe team employed by Magic Expedition and Tours are prompt and reliable. They assist you in need in no time. Their relentless effort to please the guest always make them responsible in every step.

Use the local guide for  Responsible Travel and Tourism

Similarly, we have local guides who are highly trained in language, hospitality, culture. They are friendly, cooperative, and professional. The professionalism they demonstrate during the trip makes them responsible and committed.

Likewise, Individual porter will carry a maximum of 15 – 20 kg. This is relatively lightweight so that he can take good care of the individual trekker. The porter will be walking next to the individual trekker and assist a lot in every step of your journey. This is the way of ensuring the safety of each trekker in the Himalayas. If any problem occurs, the individual porter will take care of it and immediately inform the leader.

Nature and Culture Friendly

We always operate our trekking and tours protecting nature and culture in their purest form. We are committed to protecting and conserving the environment and cultural heritage. We try our best not to affect local culture and traditions through tourism.

Rosemary farm

While conducting tours and trekking programs, the protection of the fragile environment is our topmost concern. Magic Expedition and Tour are aware to preserve & conserve the past glory of our ancestors and to hand over all the Natural and Cultural affluent to our next generation. Magic Expedition and tour as a local company and as our lives have revolved around the mountains & valleys, we feel bigger and increased responsibility to protect and preserve these natural and cultural resources.

We are committed to minimizing the negative impact of tourism and enabling you to ‘take only photos, leave only footprints. We cook using kerosene or LPG gas and bring back non-biodegradable items on all trips.

Organic farm

Forestation Program for  Responsible Travel and Tourism

In order to conserve the forest, we are launching different afforestation programs in rural parts of Dhading ad Gorkha. Deforestation is a crime and the way to the extinction of species in the universe. We spread this sort of awareness to all citizens to have fresher earth.

Building School and Drinking Water Project

Education is the backbone of development. So, Magic Expedition and Tour are aware of the importance of  Responsible Travel and Tourism giving back to the communities: we, therefore, assist enthusiastic individuals, groups, and organizations on the genius support to local communities development for school building and drinking water projects in the remote region. We have assisted the needy with stationaries and tiffin. We also have built some school buildings in the rural part of Dhading and Gorkha district.

Educating Porter Children

Responsible Travel and Tourism Education is the most important wealth of the children, therefore, we are funding and sponsoring the porter’s children to provide them education. Magic Expedition and Tour have been funding on all social activities from its profit in the different activities and we always feel responsible to share the values/contribute something with communities. We welcome anyone for generous assistance in our mission to provide better education to the many more deprived children.

Staff welfare / Porter Protection for  Responsible Travel and Tourism

We believe in caring for all our staff from Trek Leaders to Sherpas, Cooks, and Porters. We ensure good pay, life insurance, helicopter evacuation, as well as the equipment and clothing needed for porters and each member of staff. NMA has fulfilled all the standards set by IPPG (International Porter Protection Group) for the welfare and safety of all porters and is committed to improving their livelihoods. They are our kith and kin as well as the backbone of trekking in Nepal. No wonder all of the staff including porters want to work for us over and over again.

We have set some noticeable guidelines, which we are applying in our trips as a Porter Protection Policy.

Good & fair working wages.

  • Responsible Trekking policy of 01 trekker: 01 porter
  • Fair weight of around 15 -20 kg only all high altitude trek and climb above 4000 meters
  • The same standard of medical care for Porters and trek crew as the trek members
  • Arrangement of Food and Accommodation
  • Accidental/medical insurance
  • No porter is asked to return from the middle of the trek

We provide required trekking gears for all the porter like Gortex wind & waterproof jacket and trousers, fleece jacket, mattress & blanket/sleeping bag, woolen warm hat, woolen gloves, woolen socks, trekking shoes/boots, sunglasses, etc

If any porter gets sick and is required to send him back them we never send him alone but with someone who speaks the same language and understands the problem. Sufficient financial support will be provided to sick porter and helper to cover the cost of their return and treatment.


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