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Of course, Annapurna Circuit Trekking is a challenging trekking in Annapurna region in Nepal. The adventure lovers find it truly rewarding.

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The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekAnnapurna circuit trek route

Of course, Annapurna Circuit Trekking is challenging trekking in the Annapurna region in Nepal. The adventure lovers find it truly rewarding. Thorang La Pass 5416m makes this trekking more adventurous but memorable for a lifetime.

Jomsom, normally a windy valley after every afternoon is another attraction of Annapurna Circuit Trekking. Similarly, Marpha, a beautiful village popular for growing apples, and Manang valley are also prominent highlights to visit and explore.

Tilicho Lake  (4,919m), the highest lake in the world, located in the Manang district offers a great deal of opportunity for wilderness lovers. Tilicho lake trekking can be a part of Annapurna Circuit Trekking.

The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekAnnapurna circuit trek route

Duration: 14-21

  • Distance to be traveled:  160km – 230km depending on the start and finish points and optional side treks.
  • Altitude: Ranges from Kathmandu 1320m to 820 meters at Besisahar to 5416 meters at the Thorung La Pass
  • Best Times to Trek: March – April and October – November

Required Permits

Basically, we require two different permits to have entry to this trekking area:

Trekker’s Information Management System card (TIMS) and the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP). You will be using these two permits to check in at various checkpoints along the trek.

Guide And Porter Hiring

The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekAnnapurna circuit trek

Trekking with a guide or porter depends on your competency and confidence. If you have explored the region very well, there is no doubt you can do it yourself without a guide and porter.

But, sometimes, we may miss the trail and we also may not be so familiar with the region, culture, mountain peaks, weather, food, and accommodation. In these cases, the guide will assist us in many ways.

If you are able to carry your all gear in the mountain, we do not need to hire a guide and porter. It depends on how much load will you carry in the mountain.

Hiring porter costs USD 18 and guide USD 25.

Note: Nepal government is implementing a law not to allow an individual to travel above 4000m without a guide and porter very soon.

The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekAnnapurna ciruit trek 

Packing List For Annapurna Circuit Trekking

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekAnnapurna circuit route

Fundamentally, money, clothes and other equipment are necessary things to carry with you.

How much money should I  bring:

This is normally 14-22 days of trekking.  We spend approximately USD 25 per day. This is for your food. It means personal expenses. If you have some alcoholic drinks, the cost rises. This price doesn’t include a guide and porter.

We can preplan how much money should we bring. Calculate per day expenditure with the days you want to spend in the mountain. And also be with some extra money in case you need it.

Be prepared with money either at Kathmandu or Pokhara because we do not get ATMs in other places except at Jomsom. Sometimes, even the ATMs in Jomsom may not work.

Equipment and Clothing

The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekTrekking gear shop

Purchase equipment and clothing either at Kathmandu or Pokhara. In these two major cities of Nepal, we get the equipment in competitive prices. Jomsom and other small towns in the mountain are so expensive.

Equipment and Clothing list

  1. A pair of Fleece Jacket
  2. A pair of Zip-off Trekking Pants
  3. A pair of  Long-sleeve Shirt
  4. A Thermal Underwear
  5. A  Hat
  6. Trekking Poles
  7.  Water Bottle
  8. Rainproof Windbreaker
  9. A pair of Shorts
  10. T-shirts ( 3 pics)
  11.  Underwear (4)
  12. Socks ( 6 pairs)
  13. Sunglasses ( an extra if possible)
  14. A backpack Bag ( around 17kgs)

Even, we can wash our clothes like T-Shirts, hats,s, and socks on the way if the day is sunny enough. Normally, we wash them in the evening and let them dry for the whole night. If it is not dried up, we carry them on the outer surface of our backpack during hiking or trekking.

If you can bring your own hiking or trekking boots, it is fine or you’d better have a pair of running shoes. Hiking boots in Kathmandu or Pokhara are very costly.

First Aid Items

Since Annapurna Circuit Trekking is an adventure trekking in the wilderness, we need to prepare very well. One of the preparations for this trekking is First Aid items.

What to bring as first aid items?

  1. Band-Aids (blisters are nasty during trekking.)  
  2. Roll Medical Tape
  3.  Throat Lozenges
  4. Rehydration Salts
  5. Water Purification Tablets 
  6. Paracetamol
  7. Acetazolamide tablets (this is used to minimize the risks of getting altitude sickness)
  8. Dexamethasone tablets (this is used to treat acute mountain sickness)
  9. Roll Toilet Paper
  10. If you have some serious illness, Please consult your doctor before taking any medication and undertake your own research.

 Getting to the trailhead and back

Annapurna Circuit Trek


  • We take a local bus or private transportation from Kathmandu to Besisahar. Then we begin our trekking. It takes around 7 hours to get Besishhar from Kathmandu.
  • We end this trek at Jomsom and take 20 minutes short and scenic flight to Pokhara.
  • Then, we again either take a tourist bus to Kathmandu. Bus from Pokhara to Kathmandu takes 7-8 hours.

Accommodation like

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekAnnapurna region trek tea house

Mountain accommodation is the very normal type. We spend the night at a local guesthouse or lodge. The lodges and the guesthouses will be very neat and clean. We have to be happy with this pretty basic accommodation. We occasionally get attached to bathrooms during the trial. But, the guesthouse owners try their best to accommodate us in a cozy way. There is a fireplace in the dining to warm us. It is very pleasant to heat our bodies with this fire. It is recommended to bring your own sleeping bag on this trek.

Food like Nepali cushions is very popular during this trek. Rice, lentils, curry, bread, noodles, dumpling, etc are popular in this region. The food roughly costs 3-8 USD. We can choose the items mentioned in the menu by the lodge owner. Sometimes,  we need to wait for a long time for food in peak season. So, it is better to order easy and quick items.

The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekNepali main food dalvat (thali)

What to Expect in this trekking:

The Perfect Guide To Annapurna Circuit TrekAnnapurna circuit trek

  1. Thorong La Pass
  2. Less beaten and solitary trail
  3. Remote and traditional settlements
  4. Various ethnic groups influenced by Tibetan culture and traditions
  5. Rocky, the steep and humid trail at the higher elevation
  6. Breathtaking mountain views
  7. Thus, have good physical and mental condition to win over this adventure.

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