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Have you heard about Mardi Himal Trek  Annapurna of the Himalaya? If not, keep this trip in the loop for your next adventure. We are going to tell you

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Mardi Himal Trek  Annapurna

Have you heard about Mardi Himal Trek  Annapurna of the Himalaya? If not, keep this trip in the loop for your next adventure. We are going to tell you why this trekking adventure has been getting immense popularity amongst trekkers. You will also feel like going on the adventure immediately after you finish reading this post. What we can assure is that you will certainly love this adventure. This trekking adventure has been growing popular day by day. And, of course, there are several reasons why this trip has been attracting more people in a short span of time. Know where Mardi Himal Trek  Annapurna takes you to. You must have got some idea that this beautiful adventure is in the Annapurna region of the Himalaya. But do you know where exactly this trek takes you to? Well, we are going to tell you about it.

Mardi Himal region

This short but incredible nature trek to the high elevation of the mountain takes you to the wonderful surroundings of Mt. Fishtail. Starting from Kande near Pokhara, the trek follows the trail towards Australian Camp to go to Deurali above Tolkha. The trail from Deurali onwards divides into two parts – one goes towards Annapurna Base Camp Trek and the other towards Mardi Himal Trek. We take the latter and walk through the beautiful forest.
The adventure eventually reaches to the base camp of Mardi Himal via Kokar Camp, Low Camp, and High Camp. Mardi Himal Base Camp lies on the lap of magnificent Mt. Fishtail and Mardi Himal stands just in between you and the Fishtail. You will see the Annapurna gorge, from the Mardi ridge below you, which ultimately leads you to Annapurna Base Camp.

Now, know why you should do Mardi Himal Trek  Annapurna

There are several amazing factors on the trek that will take your breath away. Pristine nature in addition to the wonderful views of the Himalayan peaks is the most important of all. Starting right from the beginning, the trek brings you lush nature to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Snow-
capped peaks in the Annapurna range also keep you company along the way. Another wonderful thing about the adventure is the unbelievable elevation gain within the short span of days. In 3 days of the trek, you will gain almost 2,500 meters of elevation without much trouble. The trek is easy mountain walking that requires much less effort and struggles on the trail. The only day where you feel the need of a little more effort is on the hiking day to Mardi Himal Base Camp. But the early morning walking challenge up the mountain is worth the breathtaking view and spectacular sunrise.You will be watching the sunrise as you enjoy the panoramic view of Annapurna range from the elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level. You will simply stay speechless at the view of mountains, sunrise and magnificent surroundings. Another important fact about the adventure is that it is much more peaceful than any other trips for the reason. Trekkers have started preferring this adventure instead of Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. There are fewer people in Mardi Himal compared to other treks in the region that ultimately contributes to making this adventure unbelievably peaceful.

Got the kick to go:

You can imagine now if reading alone can bring you some kick to go for the adventure, what it will be like to experience it on the ground. Oh yes, in addition to the awesome short trekking adventure, you also enjoy the wonderful time in Kathmandu and Pokhara. This tip is growing immensely popular for short trekking adventure for its stunning views and peaceful natural surroundings.

Mardi Himal Annapurna

The establishment of tea houses has made it even easier for the trekkers although there are campers trekking the trail. Believe us you will love the entire time on the trip. Although it is a trekking adventure, you will feel like going on a peaceful nature holiday. If you can call any walking trip a retreat, Mardi Himal Trek in the Annapurna the one for sure. Plan it; go for it and enjoy the wonderfully peaceful trekking adventure in the mountains of the Annapurna region.

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