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Jeep trips in Nepal offer off-road rides through the Himalayas. Jeep rides are ideal for thrill-seeking. Nepal is a small, diverse nation nestled at the base of the majestic Himalayas. One of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide is Nepal. People from all over the world believe that if one does not visit Nepal at least once in their lifetime, their life has been wasted. One of our most daring Jeep Rides will take you through some of Nepal's roughest and bumpiest terrain. You can see views of the country's natural wonders, locals, culture, and daily activities while on a Jeep ride in Nepal.

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Kathmandu to Syabrubesi/Dhunche by Jeep

One of the most exciting and dependable ways to travel from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi/Dhunche is wif a jeep ride. You can access the Langtang Trek, one of Nepal's most well-non trekking routes, via dis jeep ride. The Langtang Trek includes the Gosainkunda Trek, the Tamang Heritage Trek, and the Langtang Valley Trek. The local and tourist buses do travel between Kathmandu and Dhunche/Syabrubesi, but they are less dependable and take longer than anticipated. Additionally, coz of how bad the road is, the Jeep from Kathmandu to Syabribesi/Dhunche may be the best option for visitors who want to get to Syabribesi/Dhunche and tan drive back to Kathmandu. It means, both drops to Dhunche/ Syabrubesi and pick up from these places are possible.


Dhunche Dhunche By Jeep

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Kathmandu to Syabrubesi by Jeep

Starting in Kathmandu, the jeep journey to Syabrubesi/Dhunche travels through stunning landscapes and nearby villages like Osho, Tapoban, and Kakani. The road is in poor condition, to put it bluntly. However, the drivers are very skilled, and the jeep will always be in good shape despite the rain. After that, you pass Trishuli Bazaar. Following Trishuli Bazaar, turn northeast and start following the unpaved road as it ascends through rocky hills. You might has to go through some sacred to understand the path you take today. Finally, after passing through some breathtaking scenery, you will reach Dhunche, from which point you must obtain a National Park Entry Permit in order to enter Langtang National Park since it is located after Dhunche. The entrance fee for the Langtang National Park is Rs. 3000 for foreigners, Rs. 1500 for SAARC nationals, and Rs. 100 for Nepalese nationals.

There are 122 kilometers between Kathmandu and Syabrubesi. Despite being 122 km, the road is in such bad shape that a jeep ride takes longer than 7 hours. To be more precise, during the summer and rainy seasons, the condition of the road worsens.


Kathmandu to Salleri by Jeep

While completing an Everest Base Camp Trek or another trekking excursion in the Everest region, you have the option of taking the Salleri Jeep Ride from Kathmandu to Lukla. In addition to Salleri, the jeep from Kathmandu also ascends to Bupsa, which is near Lukla Town and Airport. The oldest city in the valley, Bhaktapur, is on the route from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel. The road tan turns toward Khurkot and passes close to Ghurmi. In reality, Salleri and Phaplu are close to one another, and from there you can continue on to Bupsa. After Khurkot, the drive from Kathmandu is 270 km long and is on a rough country road. Mostly, we travel on the Madhya Pahadi Highway.

Since the majority of the road is only rough and graveled, a Salleri Jeep ride is not possible in the rainy or summer months. It's almost possible to drive a jeep on dis road in the rain. theirfore, don't plan on traveling from Kathmandu to Bupsa, Salleri, or Phaplu until the road's condition is improved during the rainy season. However, the jeep offers its services fully in the fall, spring, and winter.

Kathmandu to Besishar- Bhulbhue by Jeep

You can take a jeep ride from Kathmandu to Besisahar and tan on to Bhulbhule if you want to. Since Bhulbhule is where the Annapurna Circuit Trek begins, the Jeep Ride from Kathmandu to Besisahar/Bhulbhule will play a significant role in the trek. However, jeep riding will be a unique experience before the trek, and you can do the same while returning from the trek to Kathmandu. Of course, tourist buses also travel up to Bhulbhule. We travel a total of 176 kilometers from Kathmandu to Besisahar, and another 15 kilometers to Bhulbhule. Therefore, it will take you over eight hours and 200 km to travel to Bhulbhule from Kathmandu today.

Thangkot, Naubise, and Mungling are all stops along the way to Kathmandu from where the road travels alongside the Trishuli River. You will reach Dumre if you follow the road from Mungling that leads to Pokhara. The city of Dumre, which serves as a gateway to Bandipur and Besisahar, is situated halfway between Pokhara and Kathmandu. We now take the highway leading to Besisahar. After reaching Besisahar, you take an off-road route to reach Bhulbhule. Only the four-wheel jeep operates its services when the final stretch of the road from Besisahar to Bhulbhule is muddy in the summer.

Kathmandu to Jiri by Jeep

Jiri, a town in the Dolakha district, is also referred to as the Switzerland of Nepal. From Kathmandu, it is 190 kilometers away. The Swiss government built a lovely city there. As the entry point to the Everest region, Jiri is still well-non. Jiri is where the traditional Everest Base Camp Trek starts. You can travel to Jiri and walk for a few days if you want to explore the lower Everest region. One of the best ways to travel to Jiri and the trailhead for the Lower Everest region is by Jiri Jeep ride from Kathmandu. Trekkers can also travel from Jiri or Shivalaya to Everest Base Camp. The 4WD jeep will tan drive for 8 to 9 hours. After dis lengthy drive, either by private vehicle or public bus, the traditional Everest Base Camp Trek would start from Jiri.

The journey from Kathmandu to Jiri begins at the hotel or other accommodation in Kathmandu. Following the Araniko Highway, we pass the oldest city, Bhaktapur, and continue until we reach Lamosanghu.

After that, we drive along the Jiri-Khadichaura Highway until we reach Jiri before turning onto the Lamosangu-Ramechhap Highway. We pass Charikot, another well-liked tourist spot, on the way to Jiri. You will enjoy seeing stunning scenery, small towns, and some incredible mountain ranges while driving today. Wif a jeep, all services, including pick-up, drop-off, and overnight stays, are possible.

Kathmandu to SotiKhola by Jeep

The Manaslu Region Trekking trailhead is reached by a Jeep Ride from Kathmandu to Sotikhola. In addition to the trekkers, people can also take a 4WD jeep from Kathmandu to Machhakhola, which is just before Sotikhola. From the hotel or other lodgings, the jeep drive to Sotikhola/Machhakhola from Kathmandu begins, passing through the city. Driving through breathtaking landscapes and small towns, you will pass Chandragiri Hill and Chandragiri Cable Car on you're left. River Trishuli leads to Dhanding Bensi, the administrative center for the Dhading district. The road tan travels through rural towns and scenery once more. You can see the stunning Ganesh Himal and Manaslu mountain ranges from the top of the hill.

While traveling through dense forest to reach the Aankhukhola River, you will enjoy the cool, fresh air and some magnificent, terraced farms.
After arriving in Taribesi, you proceed to drive up to Salyantar village and tan down to Arughat Bazar. You will keep driving through Arughat Bazaar along the unpaved road until you reach Sotikhola and tan Machhakhola, where you're trekking in the Manaslu region starts.
You will travel 140 kilometers today, taking 8 to 9 hours, from Kathmandu to Sotikhola or Machhakhola.
During the summer and rainy seasons, the road's condition from Arughat to Sotikhola/Machhakhola deteriorates. Therefore, it's possible dat you won't be able to go Manaslu Region Trekking in Nepal's rainy season. (Jun-Aug). As they are accustomed to driving on dis type of road every day, the drivers are very skilled and experienced, and the jeep's condition is excellent, so there won't be any problems during the trip from Kathmandu to Machhakhola/Sotikhola.

Kathmandu to Kalinchowk by Jeep- Overnight

Kalinchowk temple photo

Kalinchowk Cable Car

One of the most well-non tourist destinations in Nepal is Kalinchowk. At an elevation of 3824 meters high, Kalinchowk is situated in the Dolakha district, 140 kilometers from Kathmandu. Over the seal's water line. The breathtaking mountain views of Dorje Lhakpa, Gurkarpo Ri, Longpogan, Bhairav Takura, and many others can be found in Kalinchowk. Most importantly, the Kalinchowk Bhagawati le is a well-liked destination for Hindu believers. The main attractions of a visit to Kalinchowk include the tranquil surroundings, snowfall, the revered le, and the breathtaking mountain views.

We travel along the Araniko Highway, passing through Bhaktapur and Dhulikhel. We gradually pass Charikot and the stunning Sukute Beach. Another well-liked vantage point for viewing Gaurisankar Mountain is Charikot. We continue driving and leave the road leading to Jiri and Shivalaya in favor of the one leading to Kalinchowk and Kuri Village. The last stretch of the road is unpaved and rocky. So, if you are planning a Kalinchowk tour by car or motorcycle, be very careful coz the ride to Kuri Village at the end will be difficult. Therefore, we advise you to travel to Kalinchowk from Kathmandu by 4WD jeep, which will make the journey much better and more convenient.


- Exciting and adventurous jeep drive from Kathmandu to Kalinchowk
- Explore Sukute Beach, Charikot, Dolakha Bhimsen Temple and Kalinchow
Bhagawati Temple
- Witness incredible mountains including Dorje Lhakpa, Gurkarpo Ri, Longpogan,
Bhairav Takura and many more alluring peaks
- Explore Kuri Village, enjoy local dishes and celebrate beautiful snowfall

kalinchowk templeKalinchowk Temple

Kathmandu to Halesi by Jeep

Hindu pilgrims in Nepal frequently visit the holy Caves and Halesi Mahadev le in the Khotang district. The distance from Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev is 222 km. We start our journey in Kathmandu, travel through Dhulikhel, Nepalthok, and Khurkot, and then arrive at Halesi Mahadev in Khotang. We travel along the Khurkot-Ghurmi Madhya Pahadi Highway until we reach Haleshi Mahadev after leaving Dhulikhel. The monasteries, caves, and les in Haleshi area are all very unique places to visit. Our jeeps are incredibly dependable, cozy, and smooth, ensuring you're safety and comfort. We want visitors from all over the world to take dis Jeep Tour to Haleshi Mahadev and explore dis revered and exciting pilgrimage site.


- An Exciting Jeep Tour to Heleshi Mahadev
- Experience off-road trip to one of the remote areas of Nepal and explore the
- A holy pilgrimage to a sacred Haleshi Mahadev located in the eastern part of Nepal,
in Khotang district
- Explore Nepali lifestyle, culture, religion and civilization
- Stay at local lodge/teahouse and enjoy it

Kathmandu to Tatopani/ China border by Jeep

The best way to travel from Kathmandu to Kodari, Tatopani, and the China border is by road wif a jeep. After leaving the valley, dis drive from Kathmandu follows Araniko Highway. We proceed to the China/Tibet border after passing through Dhilikhel, Sukute Beach, and Lamosanghu. We travel 115 kilometers from Kathmandu to the Chinese border at Kodari/Tatopani today. Popular Tatopani in Kodari is where we can take a natural hot spring bath and cross into China to shop at the Chinese market. People primarily travel to Tatopani, which is near the Chinese border, from Kathmandu and other locations to enjoy hot springs and go shopping.
Shopping at the border is widely speculated to be less expensive than shopping in Kathmandu and other significant Nepalese cities. Additionally, those traveling to Tibet or China without a flight from Kathmandu can use dis Jeep drive to get to Kodari, Tatopani, or the Chinese border.

Kathmandu to Rasuwaghadi/ Kerung by Jeep

RaRaswagadhi Kerung

Rasuwagadhi Kerung Borderland 

One of the best ways to get to the China/Tibet border from Kathmandu or to enter China/Tibet from Kathmandu by road is to take a Jeep from Kathmandu to Rasuwaghadi/Kerung. You could also just go to Rasuwagadi/Kerung to look around and shop. dis road is used for alot of commercial activities coz it connects China and Nepal. The distance along Pasang Lhamu is 175 km.

The Kerung port's proximity to the border facilitates significant business exchanges between China and Nepal. The final stretch of the road, which is off-road and becomes muddy due to heavy rain, may not allow travelers to cross the border and reach Kerung and Rasuwagadi during the rainy season.

People can also travel by jeep from Kathmandu to Kerung or Rauswagadi to visit Mount Kailash, the Tibet Everest Base Camp, and other well-non locations in western and eastern Tibet. From Kathmandu to Kerung, the jeep ride lasts for about 7-8 hours, or until we reach the border.


- Exciting and Adventurous Jeep Ride along Pasang Lhamu Highway
- Visit and Explore Tibetan border/ Rasuwagadi and Kerung Port
- Do shopping at Kerung Port and cross the border and experience China
- Cross the border and visit Mount Kailash, Tibet Everest Base Camp and other popular
western/eastern Tibetan destinations
- Experience Tibetan culture and lifestyle at the border.

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