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Visit Nepal 2020 has offered numerous opportunities to the travelers who go to visit Nepal. The new hotels are offering heavy discount o food and accommodation.

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The government of Nepal has declared Visit Nepal 2020 with a huge excitement offering new tourist destinations to explore. Not only the government of Nepal, but also the private sectors have put their joint efforts to make it successful. The new luxury hotels have been opened. New Tourist destinations have been offered to the global tourists to celebrate their holidays. The internet, telephone, security and the rural roads have been extended to let the tourists feel safe and relaxed during their trip in Nepal. With all these prospects, Nepal and its world popular tourists destinations are ready to receive tourists of any nationalities and any ages from the globe.

Nepal is a hidden gem among many Himalayas countries in the world. The real beauties of Nepal might not have been made known to the people of the world because neither the government nor the private sectors expose its natural and cultural highlights in the global market of tourism. If you have visited Nepal and its Himalayas, definitely, you have celebrated it and if you are to visit, again, certainly, you will find your holidays absolutely worthwhile. You will have the new memories created for the lifetime. The mighty Himalayas including Mt. Everest, top of the world, high freshwater lakes, glaciers, deep gorges, awe-inspiring landscapes and age-old cultural heritages make Nepal a hidden gem among the travelers.

Trekking, peak climbing, expedition, city tours, day hiking, river rafting, paragliding, Bungy jumping, mountain flight and helicopter tour are the major activities to experience in Nepal. From adventure enthusiasts to those having mild stamina can celebrate various exciting activities while visiting Nepal.

Visit Nepal 2020 has offered numerous opportunities to the travelers who go to visit Nepal. The new hotels are offering heavy discount o food and accommodation. Similarly, new tourist’s destinations and trekking trails are open for the visitors to explore. You might have visited Nepal previously but visit Nepal 2020 is going to be very special for you.

However, we must say that there are a few challenges to make 2020 as a successful Nepal visit year. The poor condition of road, heavy traffic, delay for departure and arrival, dust and smoke of Kathmandu, the capital, not providing the promised services by travel agencies and hotels, delay and cancellation of domestic flights, weather extremes and poor vision of leadership etc are the major challenges of visit Nepal 200. If the government addresses all these challenges on time, then, definitely, Nepal will celebrate a grand visit year 2020.

Visit Nepal 2020 Destinations

Of course, the most popular tourists destinations of Nepal are going to be Visit Nepal 2020 Destinations. Everest Base Camp with yoga retreat, Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Lake, Rara Lake, Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Annapurna Base Camp, Poonhill, Pokhara, Kathmandu Valley, Lumbini and Chitwan are highly recommended visit Nepal 2020 destinations. If you can, link up your with a few destinations we have recommended, otherwise, go with one, and make it a memorable. Among all, Everest Base Camp will the best visit Nepal 2020 destination.

Government of Nepal has discovered 100 new tourist destinations and out of them 20 major destinations will primarily be focused. So, the government has completed all infrastructures to launch new tourist destinations for 2020. Feel safe and enjoy the program you like while visiting Nepal- 2020.

When was visit Nepal 2020 declared?

Visit Nepal 2020 was declared last year( 2019) with the slogan ‘Lifetime Experience’. Along with declaration, the ministry of tourism has talked with private sectors to join their hands together to make it successful. Also, the private sectors are very excited to celebrate 2020 as visit Nepal year. The private sectors are ready to provide their first-rated service to the tourist who are visiting Nepal in 2020. Safety, luxury, reliability and recreation are guaranteed during your visit in Nepal for 2020.

Visit Nepal 2020 Goals/ Objectives

The main objective/goal is visit Nepal 2020 is to bring two million tourists by 2020. For this, Nepal’s government has not kept any stone unturned to meet its goal by the end of 2020. The minister of Tourism is working very hard and monitoring all kinds of facilities and tourist destinations and assessing if they are meeting the desires of the tourists.

However, not only the slogan and the goal should be attractive to meet the peak of success, but also, both government and private sector should come together and put their great effort to lead it to the targeted goal. Let’s hope, the government will be able to meet its goal by the end of 2020.

Visit Nepal 2020 promotion

For the grand promotion for Visit Nepal 2020, the government has designed T-shirt and caps written Visit Nepal 2020 and handed over to the tourists and the Nepalese who are going to abroad. Basically, the promotion has been enhanced to various countries around the world including Europe and America. The intense promotion has been carried out through digital marketing. The only international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport has been converted into boutique airpot to correspond the message that Nepal is celebrating 2020 as Nepal visit year. Also, the government has prepared to entertain the tourists in Kathmandu Valley by Night Events for the night lovers. Offering them local culture, festivities, celebrations and foods will make their holidays magnificent in Nepal. Specifically, the government has allocated Rs 100 million in fiscal year 2018-19 for the campaign.

Nepal, both government and private sectors, is, jointly inviting you all global tourists to visit Nepal, explore the new tourist’s destinations of your interest and stamina and get lifetime experience. The rumor might have spread all over the world regarding Corona Virus. Although China is neighboring country to Nepal, no patient of Corona Virus has been identified so far. Recently, Nepal has rescued Nepalese students from China and they are sheltered in Bhaktapur. None of them is victim of Corona Virus. Still, they are under strict supervision of the government of Nepal. Thus, there is no threat of Corona Virus in Nepal. You can travel across Nepal being stress-free.

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