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Volunteering in Nepal will be a helping hand for the poor and needy people in Nepal. Volunteering is a wonderful family and workplace. It is the social activity that pleases our soul.



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Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering is one of the best forms of social service. It is a way of helping somebody. It is a great way to meet new people and make friends for life. It is giving a person’s time and ability to help someone who may be in need of some help. When volunteering, gets volunteers out there and makes them be more social. It also provides a golden opportunity to connect with new societies and cultures. The sole purpose of volunteering is self-satisfaction and up liftmen of the status of one particular group of the commune or individual.

Volunteering is not a profit-making business. Rather it is wholeheartedly being dedicated to identifying the problem and eradicating it. Volunteering is a wonderful family and workplace. Volunteering is the social activity that pleases us. Volunteering takes off our mind from our problems and helps in solving the problems of other needy people. But unfortunately, people these days are making a profit via volunteering. We must be aware of this before doing volunteering.

Nepal is a developing country. It has so many lacks in different sectors. Neither private sectors nor the government addresses the people’s problems. Thousands of children are deprived of educational opportunities due to various social problems and lack of schooling equipment. People in Nepal are less educated so they are not aware of their health. You can address these problems by volunteering in an understaffed or under-resourced school by teaching them English. So, Nepal invites volunteers in order to help the people in different sectors including Education, Health, Awareness, Women Empowerment, Sanitation, Conservation of the Environment, Helping Orphan children, and So on. And at the moment, thousands of volunteers are working in different sectors in Nepal. They are basically based on rural or remote districts like Dhading, Gorkha, Nuwakot, and Chitwan. These mountainous districts are not only invited people for volunteering but also for trekking in Nepal and other adventurous activities. Thus, volunteering can be combined with trekking in Nepal, hiking in Nepal, and homestay in Nepal.

As Nepal is being marked as “The most budget-friendly destination”, it is a perfect volunteering destination for families, group travelers, high school and colleges students, gap year travelers, and university graduated students. Similarly, we also can combine volunteering in Gorkha with Manasalu Trekking and Gorkha Homestay extending it to Mountain Biking. In addition, Volunteering in Chitwan can be combined with Chitwan Jungle Safari.

Truly speaking, the combination of Volunteering with Tour and Trekking will be an absolutely excellent experience while visiting Nepal. It is a fantastic opportunity to gain a different perspective of the world we live in, through the eye of the less fortunate, in the realm of social work. You can explore the natural beauty of Nepal while engaging in various activities from volunteering to trekking to visiting studying places.


Volunteering in Nepal joining with Nepali Community

Volunteering in Nepal


This is one of the best ways of volunteering in Nepal. On the one hand, we do volunteering and on the other hand, we do have a good understanding of the local community and culture. It is interesting to join with Nepali community and work together. It will really be an amazing experience for you to get the chance to work with hospitable and culturally rich people. You will always feel like your own home while you work with people of the Nepali community. Volunteering with people of the Nepali community will be very much easy because it will help you to know about the various culture, traditions, and also problems of the Nepali community. Volunteering with people of the Nepali community will also enhance your coordination among various people which can also develop your communication skills. Numerous individual and group volunteers are found working with Nepali Community in Nepal. This can be arranged this opportunity if volunteers really want to join with them.


Volunteering in Nepal joining with NGOs and INGOs

Volunteering in Nepal with NGOs and INGOs

There are thousands of NGOs and INGOs working in Nepal in different sectors. Their primary objective is to uplift the livelihood of needy people. You can work as a volunteer with them to overcome the problems of needy people and address their problems. NGOs and INGOs are always looking for people with the same objective and goal. If any individual has a common objective similar to those of NGOs and INGOs and if she/he shows interest to join them for a joint venture, it can, of course, be managed. Some volunteers have an interest in exposing themselves to NGOs and INGOs for social service.

Volunteering in Cultural Exchange

A man is considered to be incomplete unless one knows other cultures. A man is not a citizen of a particular cultural background but an international citizen who understands cultural background across the world. Actually, Cultural understanding enhances religious and cultural tolerance. And it is interesting to know others cultures. Through which we civilize and observe the way of life of the people of different parts of the globe.

Volunteering in Nepal


Nepal is rich in culture. Numerous ethnic groups own different cultures. It will be an excellent opportunity of doing volunteer in cultural exchange in Nepal. In fact, this is a modern trend of volunteering popular in different parts of the country. You can know various cultures and traditions f Nepal which can be much more interesting. Nepal also offers this opportunity of volunteering in cultural Exchange.


Volunteering in Education and Teaching

Volunteering in Nepal in Education and Teaching

Nepal is backward in education. It has a relatively less literacy rate than other neighboring countries. The literacy rate of Nepal is really low. Many children living in rural areas of Nepal do not get a quality education.  First, there are no such well-facilitated schools, colleges, and universities. Second, there are no qualified, skilled, and trained teachers and people cannot afford it. Nepal lacks qualitative education and teaching process. There are many children who are willing to study but due to the lack of schooling equipment and professional teacher, they are unable to be educated.  So, Education and Teaching can be another area of volunteering in Nepal.


Volunteering to teach English to children is an opportunity for a student who is eager to learn and improve their English. Researchers, Teachers, and Educationists are carrying out their volunteering in Education and Teaching in different schools, colleges, and universities in Nepal. They are assisting needy children and encouraging them to go to school. They are providing many awareness programs to the children. They are trying to help the children who are willing to learn.


Volunteering in Nepal in Health


Nepal is in great need of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to save its people. The health facility in Nepal is very poor. People in the remote countryside are compelled to walk 6-7 hours on their foot to get health posts or hospitals. Even the hospitals and health posts either have no medicine or doctors. Not only in-country but also the problem is very similar in cities. People are not aware of health tips to follow in their daily life. They don’t have knowledge about nutrient food and hygiene.  So, the volunteers who are interested in the health sector in distributing medicine, organizing health camps, or establishing public health posts and hospitals can do a lot of things to improve the health condition of the people. It will be great to work in the land of the beautiful mountain range, peaceful surroundings, and practice medicine.


Volunteering in Nepal in Conservation of Environment and Environmental Awareness

Volunteering in Nepal


Truly speaking, due to pollution and reckless human activities, the environment is getting degraded. And it is human’s responsibility to conserve because our existence depends on it. Because of so-called modernization and industrialization, Nepal’s environment is also degrading day by day. The forest is being cleared. Wild animals and birds are being poached. So, the volunteers who are keen to conserve the environment can launch their volunteering projects on Conservation of Environment. They also can do some volunteering jobs by making people aware of environmental hazards. The main motive of environmental conservation volunteers is to work all together to help the backward community in getting rid of their unhealthiness with improved qualities. Conservation volunteers can assist people and make them learn how to build the surroundings suitable for surviving. Conservation volunteering is the best suitable project for community service and your own personal community of people for making surroundings healthier.


Volunteering in Nepal in Women Empowerment


Nepali is dominantly a patriarchal society. Women are considered lesser human beings in society. They rarely have access to those things which are easily accessible to males. The literacy rate of women relatively is less than males. They are ignorant. In this context, Nepal has to do a lot to empower women. Recently, in the new constitution of Nepal, there is a reservation for women but still, it is not working effectively in every sector of society. So, volunteers can be involved in such activities through which women can be powerful, stronger, and more intelligent than males. Volunteering in women's empowerment can help to give a voice to those who are otherwise unheard. Volunteers can let the people living in the conservative society where women are not treated equally to the men, that women are also capable to do things equal to men. Volunteers can provide various tools, resources, and educations to women. Volunteers can provide vocational training so that women can be independent and work by themselves.

Volunteering in Nepal in Farming

Nepal is an agricultural country. The variation in climatic regions provides farmers to grow up different seasonal food and cash crops and vegetables. The local and organic products of Nepal are popular worldwide. The medicinal herbs, animal husbandry, Fishery, vegetables, and fruits are popular in Nepal in farming. The agricultural experts, researchers, students, and those who are interested in farming can join in volunteering in Farming in Nepal. Volunteering in farming will give you an opportunity to live together with local farmer families, agricultural practices, and take part in agricultural work. During this volunteering in farming, volunteers can learn native farming techniques, Nepali food culture, plow the field using ox, milking in the traditional way, eat tree ripen fruit by picking from your own hand, and many more.

Volunteering in Caring Orphan Children

Orphans are those deceived by their fate. They are helpless and desperate but they are the future’s pillars. How can we consider them as future pillars depriving them of fundamental facilities like health, education, clothing, and living? There are hundreds of Orphan Children Care Centers run by volunteers. Volunteering at the orphanage is one of the popular charity work in Nepal. Vulnerable children's care workers play a great role to show the right paths for a bright future where you give some love and hope. The volunteer will be needed to spend the time with the children, giving them a sense of security and confidence, letting them know that people care about them and they are no longer alone. This will let the children in orphanages feel more joyful when they will get a chance to spend their time with new people.


Volunteering in Nepal in disaster relief

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal

Nature is full of uncertainties. We cannot predict what will happen in the upcoming days. We are unknown about the sudden disasters. Volunteering in disaster relief is designed for those people who suffered the loss from various natural calamities. The volunteer can help the affected community by providing food, clothes, shelter, and many more. This will help to overcome the loss of the suffered people. Earthquake in Nepal is one of the examples where the volunteers from all levels rushed to help the affected people. They do the needful things by providing basic needs to them. Volunteers are responsible for Repairing and rebuilding, collecting the tents for temporary shelter, building water taps and toilets for the victims of natural calamities.

Volunteering in teaching English to Monks

Teaching English to Buddhist monks in the monastery will not only help them to learn English but also it will help you to learn about Buddhism. Teaching English to the monks in the monastery is a volunteering program that provides you to stay in the monastery with an essence of purity and calmness. This volunteering program will help you to learn more about Buddhism. After being involved in teaching English to the monk program, it will help the Buddhist monks in shaping their future. These Buddhist monks have only knowledge about their culture and religion so they are needed to be developed in all the ways where they can match with the present generations. Volunteers can teach basic conversational English, organize various games, painting, drawing, and other recreational and creative activities.

Volunteering in Nepalmonastery

Hope the article will be fruitful to find the right field of interest of volunteering in Nepal. Which one do you find the most interesting, go with it? You don’t have to go with only one, but you can choose more than one field. It depends on you.


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