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In recent few years, people began to love wilderness, serenity, and adventure during their holiday trip which is distant from the bustling and polluted cities.

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In recent few years, people began to love wilderness, serenity, and adventure during their holiday trip which is distant from the bustling and polluted cities. Adventure and thrills are common words to the people who travel across the world. Similarly, people are found searching for the less crowded trekking and tours destinations of different countries. Among world best less crowded and less beaten trekking trails, Nepal’s Manaslu trek is one of them.

Manaslu Trek has been a dream destination for adventure trekking in Nepal. The adventure enthusiasts find Manaslu trek an astounding adventure trekking in a remote area of Nepal bordering to Tibet. There are a few reasons why people like Manaslu Trek. We are going to explain any top 5 reasons why people like Manaslu Trek.

Less Crowded in Manaslu Trek

1 Adventure Trekking

Manaslu Trekking is, undoubtedly, an adventure trekking beginning at the elevation of 710 at Soti Khola and have to cross Larkya La Pass ( 5220m) which is the highest point of this trekking. The wild nature, a few settlements, less beaten and virgin trails, high passes make this trekking challenge. But, those who love to experience the thrills of adventure trekking in mighty Himalayas of Nepal find Manaslu trek a magnificent achievement in their life. To accomplish this adventure in the heart of Mt. Manaslu, we require prior trekking or hiking experience, a sound stamina, and determined confidence unless it is done. Pack up the right gear, get your health checked up, have a balanced diet and make your Manaslu Trek an astounding.

Adventure Trek In Manaslu

2 Less beaten and less crowded Trail

Since Manaslu trekking trail is a restricted and remote area trekking, the trails and the culture of the people are still unspoiled and virgin. Actually, people, these days do not like to trek to the trekking trail which is far too crowded like Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp. They do not like too many people crowded in the guesthouse and making a big noise. And even in the peak season, trekkers have to accommodate themselves in the dormitory or dining. But Manaslu region trekking was first popular as camping trekking and now few teahouses are built on the trail and they provide foods and accommodation for the trekkers.

Less Beaten Trails

3 The opportunity of Side Trips

The trekkers will get plenty of opportunities to do side trips during their Manaslu Trek. The presence of holy caves, monasteries, and lakes offer the trekkers to make side trips during acclimatization. And if the trekkers really want to spend a long time in Manaslu trek, of course, they will be rewarded with exciting destinations like Pungeen Gompa and Birendra Lake. Besides, Pungen Glacier, Sama Gompa, are also popular side trips in Manaslu Trekking trail. These popular side trips in Manaslu region will lets the trekkers experience completely different flavors of cultural and natural highlights.

Side Trip In Manaslu

4 Affordable cost

Relatively, the cost of the Manaslu trek is less expensive since we use the bus as a means of transportation both ways. There is no any option of domestic flight to connect Kathmandu to the Manaslu region. So, unlike Everest Base Camp trek, we save the expenses of domestic flight which almost covers the expenses of our foods and accommodation during the trek. If you add some more budgets on it, it will be enough for Manaslu trek. On the other hand, foods and accommodation are less expensive in the Manaslu region. We do not really get the western dishes you like to enjoy. Nepali dishes like Dal Bhat, bread, potatoes, dumpling, noodles are the most common food items on Manaslu Trekking trail.

5 unique cultural experience

The culture and the civilization of the people on the Manaslu trail are unspoiled and still age-old. Globalization and modernization have not affected the classical tradition of the people of this region. The way of life, the trade, religious performances, rituals of the people are astounding. Even, we can experience dialects since the Manaslu trekking trail is located at the border between Nepal and Tibet. Manaslu Trek also provides us an opportunity to have insights into Tibetan culture and civilization. The cultural practices which you have never experienced previously can be experienced during our Manaslu Trek. So, if you love to explore the ancient culture of the people of the remote area of Nepal, go with Manaslu Trek.

Unique Culture

There may be other reasons why people like Manaslu trek except for the above-mentioned reasons. However, we have tried our best to provide you reliable information about Manaslu Trek.

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