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Don’t you wish to turn your holiday trip from Blah into Fantastic? ‘Yes, of course’ will be the sole reply from all travelers before heading to the trailhead.

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Don’t you wish to turn your holiday trip from Blah into Fantastic? ‘Yes, of course’ will be the sole reply from all travelers before heading to the trailhead. However, while keeping no stone unturned to make our trip a memorable, we fail and encounter with something nasty. Actually, we do not want it. We really want to avoid the nasty experiences during our trip. A trip should be exciting and enjoyable and we want to experience the same.

Among various exciting and adventurous trekking trails in Nepal, Manaslu trekking trail is one of them. Of course, Manaslu Trek is an adventure which begins from Sotikhola after an off-road drive from Kathmandu for 8 hours. The Manaslu Adventure elevation ranges from 710m- 5220m.

Trekking into a remote and restricted area in the Himalayas will, undoubtedly, be challenging to the trekkers. The wilderness, off the beaten trails, deep forest, cliffs and plateaus and giant mountain peaks soaring up to the sky make our adventure more exciting and challenging as well.

Actually, this article shares some beautiful ways to turn you Manaslu Trek from Bhal into Fantastic. If you simply do the following things, you will, of course, be able to make your Manaslu Adventure a memorable, safe and fantastic.

1. Choose a Reliable Trekking Company

First and foremost task to make your Manaslu Trek fantastic, we need to find a reliable trekking company which successfully operates your trek. You need to find such company which employs local professional crew including trekking leader and porter. For this, we need to do big research on trekking company in Nepal exploring their operational history, international outreach, popularity, team and so on. Some trekking companies in Nepal are always guided by profit-making business ignoring clients comfort and safety. So, be watchful and go with a reliable trekking company for your Manaslu trek, then, you can make your Manaslu trek a fantastic.

2. Choose the best season

You must find the right time to accomplish your Manaslu trek. Here, the right time means the right or best season. The best season for Manaslu trek is Autumn (Sept- Nov). The spring and rainy seasons are hot and we have rain on the trekking trail. In fact, we can not do Manaslu trek in Summer or rainy because we have the drive on the country road which is shut down due to landslide and heavy rainfall. Similarly, winter is too cold in the mountain. Manaslu region receives heavy snowfall during winter. Mansu trekkers who plan to do Manaslu trek during winter cannot go above from Dharmasala and they have to give it up. So, if you are planning to do Manaslu trek, plan it in Autumn to make it a memorable adventure.

3. Have enough vacation time

Since Manaslu Trek a remote and restricted area trekking, you need to have enough vacation time. Some trekking companies recommend following some customized Manaslu trekking itinerary which is not good because we need to have proper acclimatization on the trek. On the other hand, sometimes we are disturbed by bad weather condition too. If we make Manaslu trek in rush, of course, you gonna make your holiday trip blah. If you have enough time for acclimatization to enhance your stamina, you will certainly make your Manaslu trek fantastic. So, we recommend you to have some spare days (2days) if you are planning to do Manaslu Trekking.

4. Pack up the right gear

Packing up the all required equipment for you Manaslu trek will make your trip a fantastic. Make intense research and find all the necessary gears for Manaslu trek. You need to use the right gear at the right time whenever you need in the mountain. We can buy all our gear in Thamel in Kathmandu. Also, some of the trekking gear shops sell second-hand gear which we do not recommend you to buy them. They may trouble you any time in the mountain. So, buy proper trekking gear which helps you to make your Manaslu trek a fantastic.

5. Enhance your stamina and get your health properly checked up

This is the reality that Manaslu Trek is an adventure trekking in one of the most remote areas of Nepal. For this, we need to prepare well before heading to the trailhead. Short hiking or trekking, regular exercises and any kind of exercises which enhance your stamina will be an asset to turn your Manaslu trek from blah to fantastic. On the other hand, if you have any serious health problem, please go to the doctor and have prescriptions. Or carry the right medicine to fight your illness during the trip in the Himalayas.

6. Do the following things to avoid altitude sickness

– Drink plenty of water ( at least 3 ltrs. a day)

– Have hot soups ( like garlic, pumpkin, ginger etc)

– Have a balanced diet – Do not smoke and drink above 4000 m

– Do not drink water from local tap and river

– Do not eat local meat

– Carry first aid kit

– Do not climb fast and do proper acclimatization If you do the above-mentioned things or the preparations, you will, definitely, turn your Manaslu Trek from Blah to Fantastic.

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