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The majority of the people describe Manasulu Trek as an exhilarating adventure in the Manaslu region. Also, people define it as astonishing venture into the

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The majority of the people describe Manasulu Trek as an exhilarating adventure in the Manaslu region. Also, people define it as an astonishing venture into the core wilderness and remoteness bordering Tibet. In fact, Manaslu Trek is not as people expect prior to trekking. The reality is quite different.

Undoubtedly, Manaslu Trek is one of the proffered trekking trails in Nepal as people love to experience the remote areas and less beaten trails of Nepal. Unless we experience the trials, we do not know the reality. This article is completely based on the extensive experience on the Manaslu Trekking trail which will help the trekkers to make their holiday trip safe and memorable.

Do not consider Manaslu Trek as mere trekking in Nepal. It is a really challenging adventure into the core wilderness. The trekking above 5000m is strenuous. We, sometimes, expect Manaslu Trek is doable by people of every age and with normal stamina. But, it is not like that. We begin our Manaslu Trek from the elevation of 710m ( Sotikhola)  to 5220m ( Larkya La Pass. You see, trekking beginning from 710m climbing to 5220m is a tough task. It requires a high level of stamina and confidence.

The trekking hours are relatively longer in Manaslu Trek than other trekking trails in Nepal. We need to work harder to accomplish our Manaslu trek. Normally, the working hour will be between 8-10 a day. If you really dare to walk 8-10 hours in a day in the Himalayas, book the Manaslu trek for your holiday adventure. Otherwise, you can go with other moderate trekking trips like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, and Langtang Valley Trek.

Expectation Vs Reality

Manaslu Trek: Expectation Vs Realitymanaslu trek

The food on the trek

Do not expect to enjoy the food item you really prefer during your Manaslu Trek. Since this is a remote area trekking, there are not well-facilitated guesthouses/teahouses and restaurants to cook food for you. Normally, you have to survive on Nepali Dal Bhat, Noodle soup, bread items, and locally grown vegetables. At lower elevation, you can have the food you like but it is hard to get such items at the higher elevation. So, to kill the immediate hunger, we recommend carrying snacks like dry meat, chocolates, cookies, and some fruits if possible.

Food In Trek

Accommodation on the trek

Do not expect luxury accommodation during your Manaslu Trek. We will be using very ordinary accommodation in Manaslu Trek. There are a few lodges and teahouses on the trail which provide us with accommodation. During Autumn, these guesthouses are terribly crowded. It is hard to get accommodation during the peak season. We, sometimes, have to sleep in the dining with our sleeping bags. And one more thing to consider, there are very limited lodges at Dharmasala. Actually, Dharmasala is not the lodge and the guesthouse; it is the traditional travelers’ inn with no facilitated separate room. You have to survive on the normal blanket in the winter night. So, in order to avoid this harsh accommodation at Dharmasala, bring your own sleeping bag or you can hire it. Overall, we have to accommodate ourselves with very ordinary accommodation during our Manaslu Trek.

Weather on the trek

Manaslu Trek: Expectation Vs Realitymanaslu trek

Sometimes, there may be a sudden change in weather in the Manaslu region. This normally occurs during winter. Heavy snowfall in the region obstructs the trail and the trekkers have to face the challenges. Even, sometimes, this kind of weather extreme brings terrible disasters. So, we need to be very careful and move ahead with caution. The winter is really harsh. Autumn is the best weather to trek to the Manaslu region.

If we prepare our Manaslu trip considering above mentioned realities, we will certainly feel safe and enjoy this thrilling adventure in the Manaslu region and the same adventure turns out to be an adventure of your life. If you ignore the bitter realities of the Manaslu trek, you will have to encounter the terrible challenge which we do not want. Thus, prepare well with the right gear, trek at the right place, maintain your stamina and health, and enjoy your Manaslu trek. Wish you all the very best for a successful adventure.


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