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The elevation of Everest Base Camp is 5364 m. We begin our trekking from the elevation of 1300m in Kathmandu and trek to 5364m high which is

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What is the Everest Base Camp Elevation:

The elevation of Everest Base Camp is 5364 m. We begin our trekking from the elevation of 1300m in Kathmandu and trek to 5364m high which is Everest Base Camp. Kalapatthar is higher than Everest Base Camp which is at an elevation of 5545m.Everest Base Camp Trek Map

Is there any  Guide Option For Everest Base Camp Trek:

We have two options for the guide for Everest Base Camp Trek. The first one is hiring the guide from Lukla and the second one is taking the guide from Kathmandu.

Actually, hiring a guide from Lukla costs less but it is not reliable. If you book your Everest Base Camp Trek through a trekking company in Kathmandu, they will provide you with a professional and experienced guide for the trip.

We do not really recommend hiring your guide from Lukla. Better go with a reliable trekking company and make your trip memorable.

What Kind of Snacks Are Worth Taking:

Taking snacks is a good way to kill the hunger on the trail during your trek to Everest Base Camp. Some light snacks like chocolate, biscuits or cookies, etc are very helpful to you for killing your immediate hunger.  Having these snacks on the trail really enhances your stamina in the mountain. Also, some people carry dry meat as snacks on the trail.

Can we buy our Gear in Nepal and Sell it:

You can buy your trekking gear in Thamel in Kathmandu. There are plenty of shops in Thamel which provide you all kinds of trekking gear. After you use the gear, on your return to Kathmandu, you can sell it in the second-hand shops in Kathmandu or you can tell the people close to you to sell your used gears.

How about the flight if the Weather Forecast Show Rain/ Clouds/ Snow in Lukla:

If the weather forecast is bad the flight to Lukla will be canceled and this means it is very safe to fly. So we suggest you plan a little more days than your trekking itinerary.

How do we Avoid Altitude Sickness:

Some Facts Before Planing Everest Base Camp TrekEverest region trek route

Below 4000m, we really do not have altitude sickness. But sometimes, we can not predict it.

Drinking plenty of water, avoiding local meat, saying no to smoking and drinking, slow ascent to the higher elevation, having sound sleep, and having a balanced diet will remarkably help you to avoid altitude sickness.

What Kind of Sickness Did You Get:

You may get the following sickness during your Everest Base Camp Trek.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Slight swelling of your face, legs, and fingers
  • Dizzy
  • Diarrhea
  • Indigestion
  • Fever
  • Headache

Do I Hire a Porter, a Porter-Guide, or a Guide and Porter:

Some Facts Before Planing Everest Base Camp TrekEverest base camp trek

The most reliable and memorable to accomplish your trip is by hiring both guides and porters. The guide will handle all required arrangements during your trip and the porter will carry the luggage for you.

If you can not hire both, go with porter-guide which will be cheaper for you. If you can not do it either, go with the only porter. The porter also can help in many ways.

Should I Buy a New Pair of Proper Boots, or Use My Broken In Hiking Shoe:

We recommend you buy a proper pair of boots for your trekking or hiking. If you use the used ones or the broken ones, there is a possibility of killing your feet and you do not get the shop to buy new pair of proper hiking boots. Thus, we need to be very watchful to pack up the right trekking gear beforehand heading to the trailhead. We suggest you buy trekking boots in Thamel in Kathmandu. Or, you can get it in Namche too.

What Are the Rooms Like:

The accommodation in the mountain will be very basic. However, the rooms will be clean and tidy. The rooms are normally not as spacious as in the cities. There will be just one or two beds and little space for your belongings or luggage. Sometimes, we get attached accommodation too but it is quite hard to get.

We get attached accommodation at Namche if you’re promised by the trekking company through which you book your trip to Everest Base Camp.

I’ve Never Trekked Before. Can I Do It:

Yeh, you can do it without prior trekking or hiking experience. However, you should have complete physical and mental fitness. If you have a serious illness, you’d better not try to do this trekking. Or only consulting with the doctor, you can precede it.

But, people do some shorter hiking or trekking before Everest Base Camp Trek. These activities help to enhance your stamina.

What is the Packing Limit on the Plane:

Some Facts Before Planing Everest Base Camp TrekTrekking gear 

The Packing Limit on the Domestic Flight is only allowed to carry 15kg.

Do we need to  Bring Our Favorite Condiment for the Tea House Meals?

No, you do not need to bring any condiments for the tea house meals. They will provide you with all condiments like salt, pepper, sauce, etc. These condiments are provided according to the meal item you order for your lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

Will There Be Power at the Tea Houses:

Yeh, there will be power at the tea houses. But there may not be power or plugs in your room. Instead, they provide you power in the dining where you can charge your phone and batteries.

Alternatively, you can bring your own power bank in case they do not have power sometimes.

How About Charging Batteries:

We can charge our batteries in the dining of the teahouse. Even, some guesthouses fit the power plugs in your private room. Bringing your own power bank will be an asset.

Do I Need Insurance:

Yeh, insurance is mandatory. In case you become sick in the mountain, you need to be rescued immediately and begin your treatment. So, you need to have travel insurance that covers your rescue and medical expenses.

How Do You Use the Toilet While Trekking:

In every Tea House, There is a Common Toilet.  During Trekking in the Remote Area, the Toilet with Flushing may not available. So you have to prepare the Toilet paper and the mug for the Flushing Toilet. In Village most places you will get Squat Toilet.

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