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Trekkers consider Manaslu Trekking as an adventure trekking in Nepal. They also take it as a big challenge in their life. However, in fact, Manaslu

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Trekkers consider Manaslu Trekking as an adventure trekking in Nepal. They also take it as a big challenge in their life. However, in fact, Manaslu trekking is not that much difficult as you think. But we can’t deny that it is a remote and restricted area trekking in Nepal. For this, trekkers have to collect a special permit. We can obtain this special permit on our own or the trekking or Travel Company through which you are making your Manaslu trekking will help you.  Venturing on the trail simply taking Manaslu trekking as easy or moderate trekking will be a stupid idea which will certainly be a threat to the trekkers. Rather, we have to think of the ways to change this strenuous trekking into moderate to easy.

Manaslu Trek

Now let’s see some dominant ways of making our Manaslu trekking strenuous to moderate to easy.

Firstly, we need to find a reliable trekking company which has been operating Manaslu trekking successfully. For this, we need to check the company’s profile, its team, experience and its strength in the international arena. Sometimes, the company promises several things to fascinate the clients and fulfill very few which make you make your Manaslu trekking really challenging and strenuous. We need to be very watchful about it. There are different sources through which we can check the company’s reliability like its reviews on google and Tripadvisor. We need to come up with the final decision to go with a particular company for your Manaslu Trekking with reasons why you are going to choose this company.

Secondly, we have to check the weather condition before we decide to go to Manaslu trekking. It means, we need to find the best season in Nepal for traveling in the mountain. We also have to check the weather forecast. Despite unfavorable weather condition, if we decide to go for Manaslu trekking, that will be very unfortunate for us. The weather in the mountain is unpredictable. In fact, we cannot challenge the nature and its extremes. Sometimes, we have experienced massive devastation due to heavy snowfall and avalanches in the mountain of Nepal. So, we suggest you find the best season for making a successful Manaslu trekking which is Autumn ( Sep-Nov).

Accompanying with a local guide also helps you to make your Manaslu trekking from strenuous to moderate to easy. Particularly, the local guide has tremendous knowledge about the trails, challenges that are to be faced in the mountain. Moreover, the local guide or the crew tells a lot about local culture, people, civilization and the possible obstacles to encounter during your Manaslu trekking which makes us alert prior to the trekking and we prepare accordingly.

Similarly, packing up the right gear for your Manaslu Trekking will ease you throughout the trekking. We do not recommend to buy second hand or used trekking for Manaslu trekking. You need to have the fresh and reliable trekking gear so that we can make our Manaslu trekking a memorably easy and comfortable.

And finally, you require enhancing your stamina. You need a strong determination and confidence to accomplish Manaslu trekking. For this, we recommend you to do regular exercises, short hiking or trekking, and also listen to the people who have made Manaslu trekking previously. Checking your health condition is also very important. If you have a serious health issue and venture with it on the trail, then, of course, it will trouble you during your trip in the mountain which finally turns your trip even more challenging. So, balance your health condition and embark on Manaslu trekking trail.

If you do the above-mentioned things properly, you will not find Manaslu trekking that much difficult as you think. It depends on us to make our Manaslu trekking difficult to easy or more challenging. We do not want your trip to be more challenging, be well prepared and enjoy the trip.

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